Hard Wax

Moroccan Gold Hard Wax with Argan Oil


Weight Total Price Price Per lb
1 lb $17.97 $17.97/lb
5 lbs $85.36 $17.07/lb
10 lbs $156.34 $15.63/lb
24 lbs $362.27 $15.09/lb

Ocean Blue Hard Wax Beads


Weight Total Price Price Per lb
1 lb $16.97 $16.97/lb
5 lbs $80.97 $16.19/lb
10 lbs $147.97 $14.80/lb
24 lbs $343.97 $14.33/lb

Purple Grape Hard Wax Beads


Weight Total Price Price Per lb
1 lb $14.97 $14.97/lb
5 lbs $69.97 $13.99/lb
10 lbs $133.97 $13.40/lb
24 lbs $299.97 $12.49/lb

Pomegranate Hypoallergenic Hard Wax


# of Buckets Total Price Price Per Bucket
1 Bucket $54.90 $54.90/Bucket
3 Buckets $156.46 $52.15/Bucket


Professional Wax Beads for Depilatory Specialists

This is a type of wax system used for hair removal procedures, involving the bikini area, underarm, face, and other delicate parts of the body. Unlike soft wax, it does not require waxing strips for it to be removed, which is why this type of wax is also known as stripless wax. We encourage you to explore all our product varieties. We guarantee that both you and your clients will not be disappointed and will feel the difference. If you want to deliver a depilatory service that will set you apart from the competition, Nacach Wax is for you.


High-Quality Hard Wax Ingredients 

Made in Italy with 100% natural ingredients, our signature waxes adhere to the hair only, ensuring excellent results on even the most sensitive areas of the body. Due to their low melting-point, soothing ingredients, and high elasticity, our painless wax beads are incredibly gentle on the skin and effective for all types of hair. Nacach stripless waxes have been specially formulated for convenience and ease of use, making these hard beads the perfect option for both professional estheticians and beauty students.


Hard Wax vs. Soft Wax, Which One Should You Get?

Still not sure what type of wax is best for your services? If you are still debating which type to get, don’t fret! This is a common question, and you are not alone. The most significant difference between the two is in the way in which they are applied. Soft wax usually requires a strip for its removal; it is the wax most people think of when it comes to body waxing. This wax is typically used for large areas of the body, such as chest, back, and legs. Hard wax, on the other hand, does not require a strip for application. Hence, it is often referred to as stripless wax and is generally preferred for smaller and more delicate areas, including the face and armpits. It is also the go-to option for the bikini area.


Hard Wax for Face

If there’s an area that estheticians need to be extra careful with it is definitely the face. Not only is effective face waxing important for aesthetic reasons, but any wrong moves can also cause a great deal of pain. That is exactly why every variety of our hard wax beads are made with the highest-quality, naturally-derived ingredients. No redness, irritation, or inflammation—even on the most delicate areas of the body! With Nacach, you can be assured your clients will have the best face waxing experience. However, for even better results and even happier customers, we suggest using our oils and lotions, which have been formulated to enhance any depilatory experience from beginning to end.


Hard Wax for Legs

Leg waxing is one of the most common services Nacach hard beans are used for. As a professional esthetician or salon owner, you recognize the importance of using the best hard wax for legs. It’s time to ditch that old wax you may have lying around, and make the switch to Nacach. Our unique formula made in Italy will leave legs stubble-free and extremely smooth without any pain or discomfort. With Nacach, we know you will see and feel the difference, and your customers will as well. Try our painless wax beads for legs, and your client will be coming back for more and not just in the summer months!


Use Peel-Off Wax for Best Brazilian Results

Brazilian waxes are all about the quality of service and trust. Your clients come to you for a bikini area wax because they trust you to do a good job. So, why not return their trust with the smoothest waxing experience that offers the best results? Excellent wax services for the bikini area start with superior waxing products that will keep your clients coming back for more. This, in turn, enables you to build a professional relationship and gain a customer for life.