Soft Wax Kit - Nacach
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Soft Wax Kit

$143.52 $109.98
Choice Of Soft Wax:
Honey and Chamomile Soft Wax
Perlage Soft Wax
Ocean Blue Soft Wax
Rice Cream Soft Wax
Chocolate Soft Wax
Aloe Gel Soft Wax
Coconut Soft Wax
Grape Soft Wax
Tea Tree Oil Soft Wax
Choice of Post Waxing Product:
Moisturizing Milk
Refreshing Gel
Refreshing Cream
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Our professional soft wax kit includes all the essential supplies you need to provide an excellent soft wax experience for your customers.  All products are designed and formulated with quality in mind.

This soft wax kit includes all the following: 

  • Single Can Professional Wax Warmer
  • Two Cans of Soft Wax; Any Type of Your Choice
  • Pre Waxing Lotion
  • Your Choice of Post Wax Care
  • Non Woven Pre Cut Waxing Strips
  • 100 Disposable eyebrow wax and facial area spatulas
  • 100 Disposable body wax spatulas