Ocean Blue Hard Wax Beads
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Ocean Blue Hard Wax Beads - 1lb Bag

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Our signature Ocean Blue Hard Wax Beads are blended with traditional natural resins and unscented beeswax to provide the ultimate in hard wax hair removal. With its high flexibility and low melting point, our Ocean Blue hard wax is great for estheticians wishing to remove both fine and coarse hair from all areas of their customers' bodies, quickly becoming one of our best-selling hard waxes.

Beeswax moisturizes and soothes the skin, making it an excellent moisturizer. Due to its ability to retain moisture, it aids in the preservation and restoration of coarse or dry skin.

As with all Nacach hard waxes, our Blue Hard Wax is handcrafted in Italy using only the finest natural ingredients. Our formulations are designed to stick to the hair without causing irritation to the skin. These Blue Hard Wax Beads are very excellent for face, Brazilian, and bikini waxing, as well as sensitive skin types. If you are a professional esthetician or a beauty student, our Blue Hard Wax is a must-have.

Glyeryl Rosinate, Cera Alba/Beeswax, Colophonium/Rosin, Ethylene/VA Copolymer, Lanolin, Triethylene Glycol Rosinate, CI 42090.
  1. Carefully open the bag and pour the required amount of the product into a wax warmer, and heat until wax beads are completely melted.
  2. Once melted, test the wax’s temperature on wrist before applying it on the skin for hair removal. For best results, prep your skin for waxing with Nacach Pre-Waxing Cleansing Lotion. 
  3. Using a clean spatula, apply hard wax in layers of about 2-3 mm in the direction of hair growth.
  4. Wait a few moments until it cools, then quickly and firmly peel off against the direction of hair growth. 
  5. After treatment, we recommend the use of Nacach Wax post-depilatory creams to remove any wax residues and soothe the skin. 

Caution: Do not apply wax at too high a temperature. Do not apply on varicose veins, irritated or infected skin, or open wounds.