Standard Professional Wax Warmer (Up to 2 lbs) - Nacach
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Standard Professional Wax Warmer (Up to 2 lbs)

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Nacach Wax Standard Warmer is a classic wax melting solution for every professional esthetician and beauty student. This convenient, professional wax warmer is suitable for all of our hard wax products and quickly melts up to 2 pounds of depilatory wax to the ideal texture each time.

This standard wax beads warmer includes an easy-to-clean container and tight lid to help speed up the melting process. Additionally, it also includes a highly-precise temperature control wheel and a thermostat that signals when the wax has reached the ideal consistency.  

Capacity is up to 2 pounds.

  1. Plug the power cable to the socket. The red light indicates that the device is heating up.
  2. Insert the wax can (400ml or 800 ml) into the wax heater.
  3. Set the desired temperature with the knob. 
  4. The time required for heating the wax may vary from 25 to 35 minutes.
  5. The warmer can remain plugged in for the entire working day.