10 Reasons Why You Should Be Sugaring

by TFC Marketing on January 06, 2021

Want to learn more about sugaring and how to get rid of facial hair?

If you’ve never tried this method of hair removal, you might be wondering what is sugaring? Well, much like its better-known cousin waxing, sugaring is a method of hair removal that gets rid of hair by quickly pulling hairs from the root. Of course, waxing is done with wax, and sugaring is done with—you guessed it—sugar. The typical paste for sugaring is made of sugar, water, and lemon. 

Here are 10 reasons why you’ll want to consider sugaring.


It’s Versatile. You Can Do Sugaring Anywhere You’d Do Waxing 

You can sugar your eyebrows, mustache, legs, arms, bikini area, and even for men, back hair. 

You Can Do a Sugaring Hair Removal with a Bit Shorter Hair Than with Waxing

 For Brazilian sugaring﹘where all the hair is removed from the pubic area﹘some salons require that the hair only needs to grow to a bit more than 1/8th of an inch instead of a quarter of an inch in length required with waxing. 

Many People Find It Less Uncomfortable Than Waxing or Plucking and Gentler on the Skin

Because of this, for many people, it’s the best way to remove facial hair.

Sugaring is Better Than Shaving for Encouraging Finer Hair Regrowth

Like waxing, with time, your hair follicles become weaker from sugaring. This means less hair grows back eventually. The hair that grows in will not have the stubbly, coarse feel that shaving regrowth inevitably has.

Sugaring Adds the Benefit of Skin Exfoliation

 For this reason, you’ll want to avoid sugaring after spray-on tanning. Book your sugaring before tan application.

Unlike Waxing, You Can Do Clean-up On Skin And Surfaces With Just Water

This means it will generally be quicker, and you don’t have to deal with removing oil before dressing. You’ll still want to wear loose-fitting clothing after having a sugaring session done. We suggest using a product like Nacach’s Post Wax Moisturizing Milk after sugaring to calm and rehydrate the skin. 

This product has aloe, calendula, and chestnut extracts and is formulated to prevent ingrown hairs. It can be used to cleanse the skin after sugaring, but it also is a non-greasy way to calm any post-depilation irritation. 

Sugaring Can Be More Eco-friendly Than Shaving Or Waxing

With shaving, you’re tossing out a LOT of plastic over the decades if you use disposable shavers, as most women do. And consider that wax is hard to wash away, meaning applicators and waxing strips tend to be thrown away, which adds to landfill waste more than sugaring. Sugar pastes are naturally biodegradable.

Sugaring Can Save Money Over The Long-haul

According to author Rebecca Herzig (“Plucked: A History of Hair Removal”), American women who shave will spend over $10,000 during an average lifetime. Compared with waxing, the outlay for sugaring can be less when doing it at home. And at a salon, for a small area like the upper lip, you might pay just $10-15, which is a lot less than you’d pay for something like electrolysis.

Sugaring Can Be A Good Choice If You Tend To Get Ingrown Hairs

When you shave, you’re going against the hairs’ growth, and especially if the hair is curly, as in the bikini area, this can cause ingrown hairs. Waxing, too, can cause ingrown hairs, as it’s more likely to cause hair breakage than with sugar hair removal. 

You Can Apply Sugaring Paste To The Same Area Several Times In A Row

When removing fine facial hair, women will sometimes need a second application to catch the “peach fuzz.” With waxing, because of the way adheres to the skin and the hair is pulled out against the skin, it’s only applied a single time to an area to avoid further irritation.


After reading the advantages of sugaring as a hair removal technique, you may be convinced to book an appointment or try sugaring at home. 

It’s a great way to quickly and effectively accomplish facial hair removal for women. Men, too, may want to explore it to rid themselves of back hair or even hair on their arms or legs—especially if they are bodybuilders or competitive swimmers. High-end barbers sometimes know the trick of sugaring to clean up a man’s hairline on the back of the neck, and more men are into professional manscaping.

And if you are a spa owner or aesthetician wanting to expand your services for clients, you can typically get professional sugaring training in just a day. 

Sugaring will not replace waxing. The demand for waxing services continues to grow in the US, and a recent financial report anticipated the global hair removal wax market to grow to over $18,814 million by 2026.

Many aestheticians charge a bit more for the hair removal with sugaring than for waxing the same area. A consumer, this may sway someone towards opting for waxing. Waxing is also a bit more methodical, so it may be easier for the technician. 

Try sugaring by booking an appointment with a well-respected salon to get a sense of how it’s done. If you're ready to start sugaring at home or want to offer the best sugaring to clients, you might want to have the best possible sugaring solution. 

Nacach offers premium pre-mixed Sugaring Pastes to both consumers and the beauty trade. Like Nacach’s trusted waxing products, these sugar waxes are made in Italy with completely natural ingredients. They are available in four consistencies, depending on skin sensitivity and coarseness of hair, including Soft, Extra Soft, Medium, and Strong Sugar Paste, and the blend is shelf-stable and large enough (800 ml / 27.5 fl oz) so that you don’t have to keep measuring and mixing additional paste.