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Extra Soft Sugar Paste No.1Extra Soft Sugar Paste
Extra Soft Sugar Paste Sale price$34.95
Soft Sugar PasteSoft Sugar Paste
Soft Sugar Paste Sale price$34.95
Medium Sugar Paste No.3Medium Sugar Paste
Medium Sugar Paste Sale price$34.95
Soft Sugar Paste No.4Soft Sugar Paste
Soft Sugar Paste Sale price$34.95
Black Sugar Paste
Black Sugar Paste Sale price$41.95

Professional Sugar Paste for the Most Painless Waxing Experience

Sugaring is a method of body hair removal that uses a simple formula typically made of sugar and water instead of wax. Many estheticians prefer sugaring as an alternative to waxing hair removal services because it pulls less on the skin while removing the hair, thus causing less pain. Sugaring can also protect against irritation and inflammation, especially when applied on sensitive skin. Our proprietary sugar pastes are entirely water-soluble and 100% natural, made with a special formula that is exclusively composed of water and sugar. Nacach's sugaring pastes offer a pleasing peeling effect and deep moisturizing that will leave your skin feeling smooth and hydrated. Our depilatory sugar paste has no contraindications, meaning it is 100% safe for all types of skin. Our sugaring pastes are available in four different consistencies, from extra soft to strong, making it easier for you to find the perfect paste for your individual needs and weather conditions.

Smooth and Hydrated Skin with 100% Safe Sugar Paste

If you are a professional esthetician who prefers sugaring for certain types of appointments, look no further than Nacach. We are confident about our products because we use the best ingredients imported from Italy. Our sugar pastes have been formulated by experts with decades of experience in the industry. Therefore, you can feel rest assured that you are getting a product you can trust. Every item we offer has been carefully crafted and designed with your business in mind. We guarantee our formula will make your job easier and will leave every single one of your clients 100% satisfied.

Choose Your Perfect Sugar Paste Wax from Our Wide Selection of Natural Depilatory Waxes

With sugar varieties ranging from soft to extra hard, we offer solutions for all types of skin and needs. Whether you are a professional esthetician or a recent beauty school graduate, we guarantee there is a specific product for you. Like the rest of our products, our sugar wax varieties are made with 100% natural ingredients to ensure the best possible quality and the astounding results. Explore our sugar pastes, waxing kits, wax accessories and see why hundreds are making the switch to Nacach every day.

Sugar Paste for Face: The Best Waxing Option for Sensitive Skin

Face waxing can be trickier than other parts of the body, even for the most experienced estheticians. Whether you are trying to remove stubborn hairs on the upper lip or thick eyebrow hairs, one tiny mistake can leave a bad impression on your client, potentially keeping him from requesting your services again. Our sugar paste wax is an excellent choice for facial waxing thanks to its easy to handle formulation and soothing texture which is easy on even the most sensitive of skins. If you are looking to deliver flawless results, we strongly recommend trying it for all facial waxing needs.

Sugar Body Wax: Deep Moisturized and Smooth Skin for Weeks

Thanks to our simple, natural formulation, our sugar paste varieties are commonly used by estheticians who want to offer a more “clean” approach to hair removal. Its natural formulation also helps our products to be one of the smoothest hair removal formulas out there. Our pastes are available in different formulations for all types of hair and skin in all areas of the body. As opposed to other sugar pastes, our natural formulation helps leave the skin feeling moisturized, soft, and visibly more radiant. For even better results, we recommend our pre wax care and after wax care products which have been created to keep skin hydrated and free of itching, redness, and irritation.