Should you prepare your skin before waxing?

Before the procedure,  it’s important to ensure the skin is free of all dirt, makeup, sweat, oil, and other substances like lotions and creams. Preparing the skin enables the wax to adhere to the area more effectively for better results and less pain.

Is pre wax care mandatory?

It is not mandatory, but it makes a BIG difference. Pre wax and post wax care will help protect the skin and prevent any side effects, including itching, redness, inflammation, and more.

What to apply before a Brazilian wax?

Brazilain waxing can be particularly uncomfortable if proper preparations are not done correctly. We recommend carefully applying our pre brazilian wax care products to reduce pain and ensure the wax attaches only to the hair, not the skin.

Should you exfoliate your skin before waxing?

Pre depilatory products include lotions and powders designed to remove dead skin cells, dirt, and oil from the skin’s surface. For best results, make sure you are using treatments specifically made for pre wax care.

What to apply for pre wax treatment?

Nacach pre wax products include our best-selling pre wax lotion imported from Italy and made with fruit extracts to leave the skin in optimal conditions prior to waxing. Our  collection also includes our corn starch powder with azulene. This powder solution cleanses the skin by removing excess oils and contaminants before any waxing session.