Should you prepare your skin before waxing?

It is highly recommended. You can use pre-wax lotion to clean the skin and Corn-starch to protect the skin before waxing.

Is pre wax care mandatory?

It is highly recommended to leave the skin ideally prepared to be waxed.

What to apply before a Brazilian wax?

  1. We recommend gently cleaning the area with the pre-waxing lotion. Also, you can apply the cornstarch powder before the procedure, this will ensure the wax attaches only to the hair not the skin. 
  2. Based on your technique, you can prepare the area to be waxed with our Pomegranate Body oil if you prefer this method. This will also ensure the wax to attach only to the hairs not to the skin.

Should you exfoliate your skin before waxing?

Pre depilatory products include lotions and powders designed to remove dead skin cells, dirt, and oil from the skin’s surface. For best results, make sure you are using treatments specifically made for pre wax care.

What to apply for pre wax treatment?

Our Pre Wax lotion with natural fruit acid is perfect to clean and prepare the area to wax. We also recommend our Cornstarch Powder for pre-waxing because it is talc and fragrant free, which helps to protect the skin before waxing.