Pre Wax Care

Cornstarch Powder

# of units Total Price Price Per unit
6 oz $5.95 $0.99/oz
14 oz $11.95 $0.85/oz

Pre Wax Lotion

# of units Total Price Price Per unit
8.45 fl. oz $15.95
16.9 fl. oz $28.95

Ensure a Relaxing Experience with our Pre Wax Care Products

Nacach pre wax treatments are the perfect way to prepare the skin before any professional waxing service. It helps prepare clients by cleansing and conditioning the skin prior to a procedure. Made with natural, soothing ingredients to keep skin feeling healthy and refreshed, our pre-depilatory products are fundamental to a complete depilatory experience. If you are looking to provide your clients with the best services, our before waxing care products were made for you. Explore each of our products and see why more estheticians are switching to Nacach waxes and supplies every day.

Guaranteed Hassle-Free Pre Wax Treatment from Nacach

Before wax treatments should be a standard part of any waxing appointment. These products ensure your client’s skin is clean and exfoliated for easier application and removal of hard wax. This helps minimize pain and discomfort during the session, as well as reduce irritation and inflammation after. Unlike other lotions and powders, Nacach pre wax products have been formulated specifically for pre wax care. All ingredients in our products help prepare the skin for smoother results that will leave your clients completely satisfied.

Professional Stripless and Brazilian After Wax Care Products

Brazilian waxing deals with one of the most sensitive areas of the body. That’s why it’s important to take all the necessary steps to prevent any redness or discomfort. Our pre Brazilain wax care products will help the wax attach to the hair only, leaving the skin virtually untouched so your clients feel as little pain or post-wax irritation as possible.

Prevent the Dryness and Irritation with Pre Wax Care

Whether you are doing Brazilian or general body waxing, our pre wax products are the best way to prevent dryness, irritation, and general discomfort during and after the procedure. You can even use Nacach pre waxing care products for facial waxing, helping you remove hair from the upper lip or eyebrows with minimal pain and irritation.