What can you use for waxing strips?

Wax strips are usually sold in large rolls or in a pre-cut format for quick and easy use. At Nacach, we offer both rolls and pre-cut strips for all esthetician needs. Our non-woven wax strips are ideal for all types of skin and hair, so you can provide your all your clients with the best possible results.

What is a wax spatula?

Our wax spatulas are made for easy application of wax on the skin. At Nacach, we offer wooden spatulas of all sizes, so you can make the most of your wax without causing any messes or wasting any product.

How to use a spatula for eyebrow wax removal?

Our small wooden spatulas are designed for small and sensitive areas of the body, including eyebrows. Our small spatulas ensure you are using the right amount of wax and proper techniques to deliver flawless results without any accidents.