Wax Accessories

Non-Woven Epilating Roll (4" Wide, 50 Yards)

# of units Total Price Price Per unit
1 $14.95
6 $85.20
12 $161.40

Non-Woven Epilating Roll (3" Wide, 50 yards)

# of units Total Price Price Per unit
1 $11.95
6 $68.10
12 $129.00

Non-Woven Pre-Cut Wax Strips

# of units Total Price Price Per unit
1 $6.95
3 $18.85
10 $59.50

Soft Wax Muslin Strips Kit


Branded Wax Can Collars

# of units Total Price Price Per unit
12 $2.95
50 $7.95

100 Unbranded Wax Can Collars


Disposable Wax Spatulas (100)

# of units Total Price Price Per unit
1-Pack $4.95
3-Pack $13.50
10-Pack $41.50

Small Popsicle Spatulas (100)

# of units Total Price Price Per unit
1-Pack $3.95
3-Pack $10.80
10-Pack $33.50

Disposable Eyebrow Wax Spatulas (100)

# of units Total Price Price Per unit
1-Pack $2.95
3-Pack $8.05
10-Pack $24.50

Wooden Spatulas

# of units Total Price Price Per unit
Small 6.5" $1.80
Medium 8.5” $2.50
Large 12" $3.50

Wax Cans


Wax Can Holder


Aluminum Neptune Warmer Inner Pot


Wax Warmer Cleaning Fluid


Interchangeable Pot for Liberty 800 ml. (Hard Wax Only)


Pink Non-Woven Pre-Cut Epilating Rolls


Non-Woven Epilating Strips


Yellow Non-Woven Pre-Cut Epilating Rolls


Get the Most Effective Waxing Results with our Selection of Waxing Supplies for Estheticians

Our waxing supplies have been designed to enhance the overall waxing experience for both estheticians and clients. The esthetician supplies in this collection will make it easier to get the most from each of our waxes with items like our wax cans and wax can holder. Meanwhile, our epilating rolls and pre-cut wax strips provide extra convenience to facilitate effective waxing and superlative results.

At Nacach, we are committed to offering the best waxing products in the industry and that is not limited to just hard waxes or soft waxes. Like our best-selling wax products, our waxing accessories are made with the best materials for premium quality, effectiveness, and long-lasting durability. If you are a professional esthetician or salon owner, our body waxing supplies will provide you with a better experience guaranteed to satisfy you and your clients, as well.

Need a Reliable Source of Spa or Salon Waxing Supplies? Look No Further!

With hundreds of products specifically made for waxing professionals, we are the #1 one-stop-shop for all things waxing. Whether you are looking for disposable eyebrow wax spatulas, waxing strips, or wax warmer cleaner, we got you covered. Our goal is to become the most trusted source for all waxing products which is why we are fully dedicated to expanding our collection with the best quality products available on the market today. At Nacach, all our customers are treated like family. Using this philosophy, we have been able to build a close community of waxing professionals that has helped shape every aspect of our business. Register or give us a call today to learn about the Nacach difference and how we can help equip your salon with the best spa waxing supplies you’ll find anywhere.

Leg Waxing Supplies

As an esthetician, leg waxing is one of the most common appointments you will get. That’s why it’s crucial to have the best leg waxing supplies in the industry. Nacach waxes and waxing supplies for estheticians have been specifically designed for smoother, softer results that will leave your clients 100% satisfied. Buy waxing supplies from us today and see why hundreds are switching to Nacach every day.

Body Waxing Accessories

If you specialize in body waxing, we also got you covered with premium waxes and waxing supplies. Our products are ideal not just for legs, but also for back waxing, arms, Brazilians, and even facial treatments. Our salon wax supplies are imported from Italy and Argentina where they are made with the best materials by manufacturers with decades of experience in the industry. If you have any questions about our waxing supplies, we ask that you get in touch with us and our team will be there to help you in no time.