Full Body Waxing


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Ocean Blue Hard Wax BeadsOcean Blue Hard Wax Beads - Nacach
Ocean Blue Hard Wax Beads Sale priceFrom $16.97
Purple Grape Hard Wax BeadsPurple Grape Hard Wax Beads - Nacach
Purple Grape Hard Wax Beads Sale priceFrom $14.97
Stone Black Hard Wax BeadsStone Black Hard Wax Beads
Stone Black Hard Wax Beads Sale priceFrom $14.97
Romantic Vibes Film WaxRomantic Vibes Film Wax
Romantic Vibes Film Wax Sale priceFrom $16.97
Pomegranate Hypoallergenic Hard WaxPomegranate Hypoallergenic Hard Wax
Hypoallergenic Aloe Gel Soft WaxHypoallergenic Aloe Gel Soft Wax - Nacach
Hypoallergenic Aloe Gel Soft Wax Sale priceFrom $14.90
Hypoallergenic Rice Cream Soft WaxHypoallergenic Rice Cream Soft Wax - Nacach
Hypoallergenic Rice Cream Soft Wax Sale priceFrom $14.90
Honey and Chamomile Soft WaxHoney and Chamomile Soft Wax Close Up
Honey and Chamomile Soft Wax Sale priceFrom $12.90
Hypoallergenic Coconut Soft WaxHypoallergenic Coconut Soft Wax - Nacach
Hypoallergenic Coconut Soft Wax Sale priceFrom $14.90
Hypoallergenic Ocean Blue Soft WaxHypoallergenic Ocean Blue Soft Wax
Hypoallergenic Ocean Blue Soft Wax Sale priceFrom $16.90
Hypoallergenic Chocolate Soft WaxHypoallergenic Chocolate Soft Wax
Hypoallergenic Chocolate Soft Wax Sale priceFrom $14.90
Hypoallergenic Tea Tree Oil Soft WaxHypoallergenic Tea Tree Oil Soft Wax - Nacach
Hypoallergenic Grape Soft WaxHypoallergenic Grape Soft Wax - Nacach
Hypoallergenic Grape Soft Wax Sale priceFrom $14.90
Hypoallergenic Pure Pink Soft WaxHypoallergenic Pure Pink Soft Wax
Hypoallergenic Pure Pink Soft Wax Sale priceFrom $16.90
Aloe Gel Roll-On Wax10 PC Aloe Gel Roll-On Wax
Aloe Roll-On Wax Sale priceFrom $5.79
Honey and Chamomile Roll-On Wax Cartridge10PC Honey and Chamomile Roll-On Wax
Honey & Chamomile Roll-On Wax Sale priceFrom $5.39
Rice Cream Roll-On Wax Cartridge10PC Rice Cream Roll-On Wax Cartridges
Rice Cream Roll-On Wax Sale priceFrom $5.79
 Tea Tree Oil Roll-On Wax Cartridge 10PC  Tea Tree Oil Roll-On Wax Cartridges
Tea Tree Oil Roll-On Wax Sale priceFrom $5.79
Coconut Roll-On Wax Cartridge10PC Coconut Roll-On Wax Cartridges
Coconut Roll-On Wax Sale priceFrom $5.79
Azulene Gel Roll-On Wax Cartridge10 PC Azulene Gel Roll-On Wax Cartridges
Azulene Roll-On Wax Sale priceFrom $5.79
Glitter Roll-On Wax Cartridge10PC Glitter Roll-On Wax
Glitter Roll-On Wax Sale priceFrom $5.79
Transparent Roll-On Wax Cartridge10PC Transparent Roll-On Wax Cartridges
Transparent Roll-On Wax Sale priceFrom $5.79
Chocolate Roll-On Wax Cartridge10-Pack Chocolate Roll-On Wax
Chocolate Roll-On Wax Sale priceFrom $5.79
Soft Fruits Roll-On Cartridge10pc Soft Fruits Roll-On Cartridges
Soft Fruits Roll-On Wax Sale priceFrom $5.79

Full Body Waxing

As a professional, your job is to meet the needs of your clients by providing high-quality waxing services. You have likely found that your client's needs vary considerably. Some wish for waxing of small and isolated areas, while others are looking for full-body treatments.

This extensive service is time-consuming and targets arms, legs, full face, and the bikini area. Using the best products helps you work efficiently and offers your clients maximum comfort during what can be an uncomfortable experience.

For decades we have partnered with a well-regarded firm in Italy to produce the highest quality waxing products. When identifying the best products for full-body waxing consider our inventory:

  • Hard Wax Beads: Perfect for tricky areas and stubborn har, we have developed a broad range of hard wax beads including purple grape, stone black, romantic vibes, Moroccan gold, and pomegranate. 
  • Soft Wax: Composed of traditional resins, our soft wax is known for its non-sticky texture and low melting point. We offer rice cream, honey & chamomile, coconut, ocean blue, tea tree oil, chocolate, perlage, grape, and pure pink.
  • Roll-On Wax: A low melting point and creamy texture are among the attributes of this effective product which is particularly useful for hair removal in large areas. Our variety includes rice cream, honey & chamomile, aloe, coconut, azulene, strawberry, glitter, tea tree oil, chocolate, wine, transparent, and fruit. 

If you are in the market for quality full-body waxing supplies, take some time and browse our inventory. Our selection is considerable. Should you have questions, our expert staff is available to answer them and help you to determine the best products for your business needs.

Our company, which specializes solely in wax and waxing accessories, has a narrow breadth with a focus on exceptional quality.  All products are available for delivery, and bulk purchase discounts will be applied. We invite you to browse our facial waxing inventory and contact us with any questions.  Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the best hair removal wax on the market. We want to help you pamper your clients and improve their service experience.