How to remove hard wax from the wax warmer?

Whether you are doing it for waxing or cleaning purposes, it’s always better to do it when the wax is hot. We recommend following the warmer’s instructions, as well as the instructions on our labels.

Can you reuse hard wax?

If you mean reusing wax that has already been applied to the skin, then no. However, it can be reheated if it’s still unused in the pot or warmer.

How to apply hard wax?

Please see the hard wax technique in our Academy section.

How to remove hard wax from skin?

With the right technique, our hard waxes will not leave any residue on the skin. However, you can easily remove any remaining residue with our lotion or oil.

Can you reheat hard wax?

If there is unused or leftover wax in your wax warmer, then you can reheat it and use it. Please make sure to unplug warmer at night.

What is hard wax made of?

Nacach Wax offers a wide range of hard waxes made of traditional raw materials as well as hypoallergenic, truly innovative formulas allowing multidirectional features. Made in Italy with the finest quality raw materials.

How do you melt hard wax beans?

Hard wax beads are best heated using a professional-grade wax warmer, such as those found on our site. Wax warmers ensure it is melted at optimal temperatures to achieve right consistencies for the best possible results.

Can you microwave hard wax?

Technically, you can. But that doesn’t mean you should. Microwaving results in uneven heat distribution, meaning that some wax may still be cold and others hot, which could lead to disastrous results. We suggest sticking to a professional wax warmer for the best results.

Can you use strips with hard wax?

No, our Hard waxes are a stripless system.