How to use hair removal waxing kits?

Because our kits come with every item an esthetician needs, they are very easy and convenient to use. No need for additional supplies or waxing products. Simply follow the directions on the label of each of our products for the best waxing results you and your clients have ever seen.

What is the best waxing kit for beginners?

Our soft wax kits are a great option for estheticians offering all kinds of wax services. Each bundle comes with a variety of waxes, lotions, and a warmer, making these the ideal professional waxing kits for you and your customers.

How to clean waxing kits?

Wax warmer cleaner is crucial for longer durability and better performance, especially when it comes to wax warmers. When cleaning warmers, it’s always better to clean them while the wax is still moderately warm for easier removal. If you have wax stuck on other supplies or your skin, we suggest using baby oil or olive oil to wipe away the leftover wax.

Which waxing kit is the best?

We have kits for all types of estheticians. From our Student Kit for beginners to our Master Kit for experienced estheticians, we have a waxing bundle for your specific needs.