Where can I buy a waxing kit?

Nacach waxing kits have been created to give estheticians all the waxing supplies they need in one bundle that helps them save money and time. Our waxing kits include our best waxes imported from Italy, wax warmers, and accessories, all of which have been specially designed to provide the best possible results.

Where to buy professional waxing kits?

All our waxing kits are made for professionals and aspiring professionals like students in beauty school. Nacach wax warmer kits are perfect for busy estheticians with an established base of clients, or those looking to expand their professional business. Meanwhile, our traveling body wax kits come in practical, easy to carry bags for estheticians who work on the go.

What is the best waxing kit for a Brazilian Wax?

Our hard wax kits are a great option for estheticians offering Brazilian wax services. Each bundle comes with a variety of waxes, lotions, and a warmer, making these the ideal Brazilian wax kits for you and your customers.