What is soft wax?

It is a depilation system that you need to apply a thin layer of the product with a spatula that requires any type of strip to remove the wax applied.

What is soft wax used for?

It is the most common method of hair removal for the whole body, face and even the most sensitive skin areas.  

What is soft wax made of?

Usually are made of traditional resins. However, Nacach Wax offers a wide range of soft waxes made of hypoallergenic raw materials formulated by experts with over four decades of experience in the hair removal field.

Does soft wax hurt?

  1. In our opinion there is no wax that hurts, it is all about technique ad product’ quality.
  2. How does soft wax work?
    • Please see the soft wax technique in our Academy section.

How to get soft wax off skin?

With the right expertise and correct removal procedure our soft waxes will not leave any sticky residue. However, you can easily remove any remaining residue with our Pomegranate Body Oil. 

How to apply soft wax?

  • Once the skin is ready for waxing, follow the next steps:
    1. Apply a thin layer of the wax in the direction of hair growth using a spatula in a 45 degrees angle.
    2. Adhere the strip to the waxed area by holding it down firmly and rubbing it vigorously. 
    3. Remove the strip with a fast pull, keeping the strip as close to the skin as possible, holding the skin taut at the place where the motion begins. Never pull up. 
    4. After removing the wax strip you can use your hand to apply pressure to the area to soothe the skin.
    5.  Apply the post-depilatory product of your choice as needed.