How to clean wax warmer?

We recommend the use of our special developed product for easy cleaning, “cleaning fluid for liposoluble wax”.

How to remove hard wax from wax warmer?

To remove any excess wax, we recommend using a spatula while the warmer and wax are still warm. If a lot of wax remains unused in the warmer, pour it while hot into a container for later use.

How to use a wax warmer?

Nacach devices are simple and easy to use. Simply insert the desired amount of wax in each warmer and set the desired temperature. For best results, heat for 25-35 minutes. For safety reasons, we suggest testing the temperature on your wrist before waxing.

How long can you leave a wax warmer on?

Our warmers can keep your wax at optimal temperature based on your waxing scheduled. We strongly recommend unplugging the electric warmer when it is not being used and overnight for safety reasons. 

What can I put in my wax warmer?

Our hot wax warmers have been designed for use with depilatory waxes only. We discourage anyone from using these for other purposes in order to prevent any accidents.

Can you put essential oils in a wax warmer?

Again, our wax warmers were made for body waxing purposes only. Using them for other purposes or activities can lead to undesired consequences.