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Rectangular Large Capacity Heater 5 LbsLarge Capacity Heater 5 Lbs
Large Square 5 Lbs. Hard Wax WarmerLarge Square 5 Lbs. Hard Wax Warmer
Hard Wax Heater with Digital Thermostat - 2 Lbs2 Lb. Hard Wax Heater with Digital Thermostat
Neptune Wax Warmer For Hard Wax & Soft Wax CansNeptune Wax Warmer For Hard Wax & Soft Wax Cans
Multi-Combine Professional Wax WarmerMulti-Combine Professional Wax Warmer
Triple Roll-On Wax Warmer (TRIA)Triple Roll On Wax Warmer (Tria)
Single Roll-On Professional Wax WarmerSingle Roll On Professional Wax Warmer
Single Can Professional Wax Warmer (Soft Wax Only)
Liberty Wax Warmer Made in Italy
Sugar Paste Heating System Made in ItalySugar Paste Heating System Made in Italy
Digital Soft Wax HeaterDigital Soft Wax Heater
Digital Soft Wax Heater Sale price$52.97

A Wide Selection of Wax Warmers for Spas and Waxing Professionals

Waxs warmers are the best way to prepare your wax before using it on a client. Warmers preheat waxes to the optimal temperature needed for effective waxing. If you are a professional esthetician looking to improve the quality of your services with the best warmers, you have arrived at the right place. Nacach’s professional wax warmers are made with only the finest materials to offer unsurpassable quality and durability. Our line of top-quality warmer kits offers a wide variety of premium wax pots for all types of service. Navigate through our collection to find the best wax warmers for hard waxes and soft waxes as well as roll-on wax cartridges.

Provide a Better Hair Removal Experience with Nacach’s Electric Wax Heaters

With more than three decades as leaders in this industry, we know exactly what
works and what doesn’t. Our expertise and experience in the world of waxing have led to create the best waxing products available on the market today, and that includes our premium-quality wax warmers designed for all types of esthetician needs. We offer a wide variety of wax warmers because we know every business has different needs. Our line of warmers has been designed by experts in the industry to help estheticians find the perfect warmer for their business, regardless of how big or small those needs are.

Pick the Perfect Facial Wax Warmer for your Needs!

If you specialize in facial waxing, we got your back with the best facial wax warmer for waxing you won’t find anywhere else today. If you prefer sugar paste wax for facial waxing, you’ll be glad to hear we also offer warmers for sugar pastes. That is why we went the extra mile to create these special hair wax warmer which heats the sugar paste to its ideal temperature, so it removes hair efficiently without causing any burns or undesired pain.

Soft Wax Heaters

Our heaters are available in standard design and on-the-go design. Our standard design is made for soft wax cans. This design helps distribute heat evenly so the wax is easy to handle and, more importantly, easy on the skin. Our on-the-go warmers for wax cartridges are designed with a special base that offers a perfect fit for your cartridges. These ones are small, practical, and lightweight, making it the perfect companion for estheticians who work on the go.

Hard Wax Heaters

Our best-selling heaters are available in various sizes, so you can find the hard wax warmer that best suits your specific needs. These warmers are made in Italy with the highest-quality materials for effectiveness and durability. Our warmers allow you to fully focus on your waxing services without having to worry about the heating aspect of the process.

Best Wax Melting Pots in the Market

Nacach body wax warmers are guaranteed to make waxing a better experience for you and your clients. Whether you are a full-time esthetician or working on-the-go, our warmers will improve the overall quality of your business and services. Our years of experience in the industry have allowed us to create one of the largest and most trusted collections of waxing kits and wax accessories on the market, and our wax melting pots are a prime example of why so many estheticians have trusted us over the years. We invite you to explore our warmer and the rest of Nacach products to learn how we can help you take your business to the next level. If you have any questions about our products, please contact us as soon as possible—we are always here to help you.