5 Back Hair Removal Basics

by Marcos Nacach on November 25, 2020

Are you noticing more unsightly back hair when you look in the mirror? You can probably blame your parents. 

For most men, the leading cause of a hairy back is genetics. Some guys are more sensitive to the effects of testosterone, the hormone that encourages body hair growth, which can make your back hair blacker and thicker. 

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to remove that unwanted hair from your back. Here are a few of the best hair removal options for men and some tips for effectively getting rid of back hair. 

Determining the Best Method

There are several ways you can remove back hair. Shaving, depilatory creams, and waxing can all be done at home, while more permanent hair removal treatments, like laser hair removal, can be done by a professional.  

The best method for you will depend on how much hair you are trying to remove, how thick it is, and where on your back the hair is located. Waxing will offer the smoothest result, while shaving and depilatory creams provide a relatively painless option. Laser hair removal is more permanent if you want your back hair gone for good, but it is the most expensive option.  

Before you attempt to remove your own back hair, it is worth noting that the process can be tricky and the hair hard to reach. If you are attempting to remove your back hair at home, it might be worthwhile to get the help of a close, non-judgmental friend.



Waxing can make the hairiest back feel smooth and amazing. You can purchase at-home waxing kits - this is a good option if you only have dark hair on small areas of your back, like your shoulders. If the majority of your back is hairy, it is probably best to seek out a professional waxer who can determine the best waxes and methods to remove unwanted back hair successfully.

Here are a couple of the best products for effective back waxing and to help you avoid ingrown hairs, allergic reactions, or other skin irritations that can occur when waxing. 

Hypoallergenic Ocean Blue Soft Wax 

This wax has been formulated to deliver an exquisitely pleasant hair removal experience and is hypoallergenic to help you avoid the risk of allergic reactions. Also, its low melting point helps reduce any redness or other skin irritation. In addition to high-quality ingredients, it is enriched with a nature-inspired fragrant aroma and a bright blue color that will transport you to your favorite beach. It also contains soothing ingredients like hypoallergenic resins. This soft wax is excellent for short hair on large areas of the body. 

Azulene Gel Roll-On Wax 

This wax is perfect for all skin types, including very sensitive skin, and is excellent for removing back hair. Azulene oil is known for its antibacterial properties and can reduce inflammation in the skin tissue, meaning it can help prevent ingrown hairs. It heats at a low temperature to avoid any skin irritation.  



Shaving is a great option for removing back hair at home by yourself. As a first step, make sure you have a sharp razor. Some razors come with back attachments that offer length and help you reach the middle portions of your back. 

When shaving, go against the growth of your hair for the smoothest results. Because back hair is often patchy, you may have to shave from various angles and in multiple directions to get optimal results. Using a mirror can help you determine if you've missed any spots.  

Apply lotion to your back after shaving to avoid any skin irritation. Additionally, take extra care to wash your back in the days after shaving to prevent bacteria from entering your hair follicles. 

Hair Removal Cream for Men

Hair removal creams, also known as depilatory creams, are a cosmetic mixture that most commonly contains salts of thioglycolic acid and thiolactic acids used to remove hair from the skin.

Depilatory creams are great for removing back hair because they break the keratin bonds and hydrolyze the hair to be easily removed. Because this process dissolves hair below the skin on your back's surface, your back can remain smooth for longer than shaving, which cuts through the hair above the skin's surface. 

Using a hair removal cream also means that your back will stay smoother for a longer amount of time than it does when you shave. However, it’s important to note that not all creams work well on everyone’s skin. Before applying cream all over your back, test it on a small patch of hair in an unnoticeable location to ensure it does not cause irritation or an allergic reaction. 

Permanent Hair Removal for Men

If you are looking for a long-lasting solution to your back hair problem, you can seek the help of a professional for a laser hair removal treatment. Laser hair removal heats hair follicles with high-heat laser beams, temporarily stopping hair from growing. After several of these treatments, your back hair should thin out or stop growing altogether. 

Unlike shaving and other hair removal methods that target hair at the skin's surface, laser hair removal treatments target hair on your back below the skin, which results in longer-lasting smoothness. 


If you have bothersome back hair, determining the right method for hair removal can be daunting. Luckily there are plenty of options and professionals who can help you to achieve smoother skin.