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Bikini Wax: What Men Should Expect - Nacach Wax

Bikini Wax: What Men Should Expect - Nacach Wax

Bikini/Brazilian waxing is not just for the ladies….many men yearn for a smooth skin for “down there”- and waxing is the ideal solution.

 It’s Best to Be Prepared

Gentleman, if you are considering a professional wax, you may be a bit worried. While waxing can be painful, there are some steps you can take before your appointment to help it go more smoothly.

First, always shower prior to a wax, but avoid using any moisturizer. You want the wax to adhere to your hair, not your skin.  That said, make sure you have some hair growth, the wax does need about ¼ of an inch to stick too. While you don’t want to be clean-shaven, neatly groomed is always appreciated. However, your aesthetician can trim unruly hair before beginning.

Also, you want to make sure you have loose fitting clothing to wear home. You will definitely be more comfortable as you will likely be sensitive post-wax. 

Welcome to Your Bikini Wax

Once you arrive, try to relax! While the experience is a bit nerve-wracking and embarrassing, rest assured you are just one of many of your salon’s clients. As they say, it’s all business.  

Once you remove your underwear, you may be provided with a disposable thong to provide some privacy, but not all salons offer this. Your aesthetician will clean your skin, trim any long hair if necessary and confirm exactly what you want.  Make sure to be specific, the technician is going to follow your direction.

Now, it’s time to wax.  Hard wax, which does not use a strip,  is a popular choice for the bikini area. However, some may use soft.  You can ask about this when booking your appointment so you know what to expect. Once the waxing is complete, a lotion to relieve some pain will be applied.  You can look in the mirror to confirm all the hair you want removed is gone, and any adjustments can be made.

You Did A Bikini Wax!

Congratulate yourself, you have survived your first waxing appointment. You should probably avoid certain activities, like biking, for a few days. Post-wax is definitely not the time for a strenuous workout.  Over-the-counter medication can help relieve any residual pain.  Honestly, go home and relax. 

Choose Wisely

Perhaps the best advice we can provide to men considering a bikini/Brazilian wax is to do their homework.  Visit the salon ahead of time. Ask about their procedures as well as the products they use.  And, keep your eyes open - does the salon look clean and well-maintained?

One of the best ways to choose a salon is word-of-mouth.  Ask  friends and family for recommendations - and then visit those spots.  Finally, if you decide to do any body waxing on your own, make sure you use quality products as directed. 

​​At Nacach Wax we provide the highest quality hair removal wax products on the market.  Our product line has been developed over years of experience and includes everything to fulfill your waxing needs such as bikini wax. We invite you to visit our product pages and see exactly what we offer.  And, should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at (866)460-1460. We look forward to speaking with you.

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