How to Do a Manzilian Wax - The Complete Guide

by Lucas Dearaujo on July 01, 2022

Everything You Need To Know About the Manzilian Wax

Manscaping is getting more attention than ever before. Men are finally realizing just how important it is to look after hair growth. Similar to women who know about the importance of personal grooming, regular grooming routines have become quite common among men across the globe. One of the ways through which men can wax their way is a Manzilian wax. It is the male version of the Brazilian wax or bikini wax

Since most men visit the barber to get a shave, they tend to be aware of brow grooming, back waxing, and facials. This is why pubic area waxing and a Manzilian are a thing. If you are considering a Manzilian wax (Male Brazilian Wax), you have come to the right place. We cover everything that you need to know about the procedure. 

What Is Included In A Male Brazilian Wax?

A Manzilian wax is just like a full Brazilian wax that most women undergo to get rid of hair from their butt crack, genitalia, pubic mound, and upper thighs. Just like a bikini line for women, men would go for a brief wax that would remove hair from their intimate region. It is worth noting that a Brazilian wax for men does leave some hair in the pubic area behind as desired.  

Can A Guy Go For A Brazilian Wax?

Male genital waxing is practiced by all types of men. It is quite common for men to want to groom under the belt. But, female estheticians might feel uncomfortable when providing male genital waxing. In fact, they might not even provide the service if they feel highly awkward or threatened. If you want to undergo the session, there are some things that you need to know. For starters, it is perfectly normal for you to get an erection when you go for a Manzilian wax. However, the session is the exact opposite of an aphrodisiac. But, not every guy gets an erection.

Generally, the esthetician would use their judgment to ensure that the male client does not make them feel uncomfortable. As for men, there is a need to remain calm and not feel weird. Even if you get an erection, there is no need to feel embarrassed as it is natural. If you have trouble concentrating, you may leave the room until everything is under control down there. 

Are There Any Benefits of Getting a Manzilian Wax?

The major reason why men prefer to see a professional in order to get a Manzilian wax is that they know that it is best to leave the work to a professional who has been trained. When you get a male Brazilian, you will feel fresher and much cleaner. Besides, your partner is more likely to find you attractive. Keep in mind that a Manzilian wax is far superior to a regular shave as it would lead to acne and ingrown hairs. 

Since men have coarse and thick hair, a Manzilian wax for coarse & thick hair is a much better option. It is due to this reason that the male bikini wax and Manzilian wax are extremely popular. You can even get a Manzilian wax done when you opt for a full body wax service.


Differences between Waxing Women and Men

Waxing men is not the same as waxing women. There are notable differences that you need to be aware of. Although it does come down to the person, men and women have different genitalia. Besides, there are gender taboos that come into play. Generally, the esthetician will educate you about the session and advise you about the type of products you should use to keep your pubic area clean. Similar to how intimate waxing differs from person to person, it is for men to have excess skin in their delicate areas. It can either be dry or wrinkled. However, you do not need to worry about anything as the esthetician will take care of everything.

 Now, everyone has a different threshold when it comes to pain. In addition to this, people have different skin and hair types as well as personalities. Hence, you will be provided with a completely customized service to satisfy your needs. 

How You Can Prepare for a Manzilian Wax?

After you have booked a Manzilian wax, the esthetician will provide you with all the information that you require prior to the session. This would ensure that you are familiar with pre-wax care and aftercare. Hence, you would be able to plan accordingly. The following FAQs will help you prepare for the waxing.

How Long Does the Manzilian Wax Last?

When it comes to a Manzilian wax, you have to understand that every person experiences hair growth differently. However, the Manzilian might remain smooth for up to 2 weeks. Then, stubble should appear. Generally, you would not need to go for another session for up to 6 weeks.

How Long Should Hair Be If You Want To Get A Manzilian Wax?

It is recommended that the hair should be a quarter of an inch for the best results. However, it can be much longer. 

Will You Experience Any Pain When You Get A Manzilian Wax?

Every person has a different pain threshold. Male waxing will hurt some guys more than others. If it is your first time getting your body waxed, you will feel more uncomfortable in comparison to other sessions. However, you would experience ease when you regularly visit the esthetician. Make sure to avoid shaving when you form a habit of getting a Manzilian wax. It is advised that you avoid excessive alcohol or caffeine before the appointment. You also need to stay away from anti-inflammatory medicine such as ibuprofen.  

What Is The Right Etiquette for a Manzilian Wax?

The Manzilian wax will require you to remove all your clothes so that you do not get wax on them. It would also provide the esthetician will full access to get the job done. You should give them the same respect as you would give a doctor. In addition to this, you must be mindful of the space and let the esthetician guide you. Make sure to keep calm and relax. 

Although the same rules apply for a Manzilian wax as a full Brazilian for women, there are certain etiquette tips that men need to consider. Do not go for your session right after hitting the gym or playing football or any other sport. It would make it difficult for the esthetician to complete the work. You need to understand that sweat would prevent the wax from doing its job. This is why you have to avoid sweating. Even though walking to the salon from your car may cause your groin area to sweat, it does not compare to sweating after a workout.  

Moreover, you must not drink any alcohol or beer before the appointment. Now, you might think that it would minimize pain. However, drinking alcohol would only make the experience a lot more difficult for you. It would constrict the hair follicles.  

What Can You Expect from a Manzilian Wax?

When you go for a Manzilian wax, you will be given a towel to maintain modesty. It would help keep certain body parts out of the way. Prior to the waxing session, the area would be cleaned and a pre-wax would be performed to ensure that you benefit from the best results. A pre-wax gel is likely to be used to prepare your body for the waxing.

To ensure access to the region, you will have to be in humbling positions. To remove residue after the session, after-care treatments such as the use of oil is common. The esthetician might also use lotion for quick skin recovery.  

How Long Would the Manzilian Wax Take?

Hair density, thickness, and the area that is being covered would determine how long the session would last. Generally, it takes around 40 to 60 minutes for the session to be complete. 

What Do You Need To Do Before You Undergo a Manzilian Wax?

There are certain things that you have to keep in mind when considering a Manzilian wax. You should wear loose-fitting clothes, stay away from oils or lotions, and come showered. It is best practice to exfoliate the region a day before the session. Moreover, the hair should not be longer than a grain of rice. Trimming is the best option. 

What Happens If You Get Aroused During the Session?

Getting aroused during a Manzilian wax session is completely normal. It happens which is why you do not need to feel embarrassed. However, as it is not a sexual service, you must not make the esthetician feel uncomfortable. Therefore, all you have to do is breathe and relax. 


Getting a Manzilian wax is a great idea. It allows you to keep your body in perfect condition. Besides, your partner will find you more attractive. Make sure to follow the etiquette that we have mentioned and avoid making the esthetician feel uncomfortable.

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