How to Prepare for a Brazilian Wax: A Step-by-Step Guide

by Marcos Nacach on February 14, 2020

Ah, the Brazilian bikini wax. A famous way to purposefully put yourself through pain in the name of getting what you want. In this case, you want to be packing the smoothest pubes in the West.  The process itself won't take very long, but prepping for it takes a little more thought. Here's what you need to know. 

What Is a Brazilian Wax?

Brazilian waxing is one type of bikini wax, arguably the most well known and popular. It's a versatile style that can leave you totally bare or emblazon your nether regions with a little shape made of remaining hair.  Most importantly, it's different from other full bikini waxes because it also goes completely under and around to the back. And not up your back as in a back waxing -- a Brazilian will be getting rid of the hair in your booty, too. 

Should You Get One? 

There's little harm in trying it out and then proceeding from there. Before taking the plunge, try asking yourself these questions:

How shy are you? 

      For a Brazilian, you'll have to bare it all.  All bottoms come off, and your legs will be very much spread. Remember that these are professionals, and they've seen everything, so any reservations will only be on your part. Can you overcome them to make one? 

      Waxing vs. Shaving? 

          You can shave basically whenever, but waxing has to be scheduled. And if you're getting waxed for a particular event, the appointment will have to be several days in advance. Many establishments suggest coming in months in advance so that you can go through several sessions for optimal results when you need them most. 

          How long does a Brazilian wax last? 

              2 to 4 weeks, but 3 is average. The effects will be shorter on first or second-timers but still longer lasting than the results of shaving. (If you're wondering how long does a different bikini wax last -- or how long does waxing last in general -- the answer is that a wax style itself shouldn't impact your individual results.)

              How much are you willing to spend? 

                  A bikini wax isn't prohibitively expensive but can add up if you plan on keeping the habit. Brazilian wax costs start around $35 and can go up past $100, depending on the particular establishment as well as the area it resides in.  Since you won't be comparing Brazilian wax before and after pictures, it might be hard to visualize value. Know that higher prices tend to pay for experienced and licensed estheticians, high-quality wax, and a calmer, more luxurious experience. 

                  What To Do for Brazilian Bikini Waxing

                  1. Don't shave for a couple of weeks. Your hair needs to be a certain length for waxing to work well. How long does hair have to be to wax exactly? At least as tall as a grain of rice. And there's no such thing as coming in with it too long -- it'll merely get a little trim before the wax is applied. 
                  2. Come in clean and exfoliated for your appointment. It's both courteous and effective. Sweat and ingrown hairs are enemies of a great wax. 
                  3. Stay hydrated. It’s good for the skin and will actually help open up the pores. So don't spend the night before drinking and see if you can push coffee until afterward, as coffee and alcohol dehydrate. Just make sure you empty your bladder before the wax session begins. 
                  4. Pop a painkiller or two in the hour before your session to take the edge off the pain. During the act itself, try to relax and pace your breathing, but don't hold your breath. Chat with your esthetician if you can! 
                  5. Wear soft, preferably cotton, underwear and loose-fitting bottoms for the appointment. 
                  6. Mentally prepare yourself: someone is going to be all up in your business, it's going to hurt, and when all's said and done, you're going to feel a bit uncomfortable and look a little raw until everything calms down in a day or two. 

                      Body Waxing Aftercare Tips

                      How to Prepare for a Brazilian WaxWhat's the deal with those couple of days being raw and uncomfortable?  You can get away with being a little flippant if the area waxed is rather small and out of the way. Upper lip? Sideburns? If you aren't in pain or having an adverse reaction, you can basically move on immediately.  More involved bodily waxing, on the other hand, will require a brief recovery period. Try using post wax refreshing creams to alleviate the unpleasantness. A full body hard wax, for example, honestly might knock you out of commission altogether.  For everything else, including Brazilians, give yourself 1 to 3 days following these guidelines. Area-specific guidelines exist, but most apply universally. That makes them easy to remember, no matter what you get done. 


                      • Apply something soothing, like aloe vera gel or cortisone cream or a cold compress, if itching/irritation becomes too much to handle. For a Brazilian, best to keep any salves to the upper pubic area and thighs. 
                      • Wear soft, non-chafing, non-constrictive garments that will let the area breathe and reduce irritation. 
                      • Shower as usual, and gently keep the area exfoliated. 
                      • Feel free to specific after-wax products. The esthetician will use some, and you can keep that going! While they aren't strictly necessary, they will help you stay moisturized, soothed, and smooth. 


                            • Don’t get overly hot or sweaty -- no sun tanning right after a wax, no vigorous exercise, no steaming. This includes sex! Think of the friction, too! You'll have to wait to show off your new look. 
                            • Don’t soak in water, and avoid swimming or baths. 
                            • Don’t use regular lotion or artificially fragranced products on the area. This will actually increase irritation. 
                            • Don’t pick up the razor. If you aren't a regular waxer yet (or don't plan to be), hair regrowth can be unpredictable. You might feel some stubble or see a bit of a shadow, but shaving will reset the cycle, and you'll be back to square one regardless. 


                                You may be visiting a professional, but knowing how to wax properly as a customer is half the battle. Expectations will be realistic, pre wax care measures will be taken, and fantastic Brazilian bikini waxes will be had.  It's all straightforward, aside from what your reaction may be. That's something no amount of prep can predict -- but prep (and aftercare) may improve your chances of a lengthy, successful smoothness. 

                                How long does a wax actually last for a newbie out there in the real world? If that's still the most pressing question you have after reading this guide, we can only suggest that you get out there and give a Brazilian a try…or maybe two or three if #1 wasn't what you were hoping for. Waxing is an activity that gets better, and easier, with time -- and now you know how to make even the first a little better.

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