How Your Clients Can Get Clearer Skin After Waxing

Clearer Sking After Waxing

If your clients are prone to acne or have oily skin, they may find themselves experiencing breakouts after a waxing session.  

If you’re asked how to clear up acne following a waxing appointment, here are a few tips you can give.

How to Have Clear Skin Before Waxing

Clear Skin Before Waxing

Incorporating healthy skincare habits into your daily routine can help you get better skin and prevent any breakouts that may occur when waxing. 

Wash Your Face

A solid daily skincare routine is crucial for having clear skin. It's essential to clean your face for 30 to 45 seconds with a dime-size amount of face wash each day, ideally twice a day. This will clear oil off your face. By washing your face before waxing, you remove any dirt or oils that may get into the skin during a waxing session.  


Exfoliating can also help you get better skin. Using an exfoliant removes excess dead skin cells, which can clog your pores if they remain on your skin for too long. Exfoliating also can help your skin look more vibrant. When dead skin cells build up on your skin, it can make your face look dull or flakey.    

Sleep Habits 

Get enough sleep: Skipping out on sleep can cause your skin to break out more often and can lead to other health issues. Get a full night’s “beauty sleep” to help keep your skin clear. 

Keep your pillowcase clean: Not changing your pillowcase enough can cause your face to break out, transferring any dirt or sweat from night to night onto your face. 

Use Acne Treatments 

If you’re wondering how to get clear skin fast, try a topical treatment. There are a variety of ointments and topical medications available that you can apply directly to the acne spot to dry it up. 

Post-Waxing Skin Routine 

Post Waxing Skin Routine

Following a waxing appointment, there are several things you should and shouldn’t do to help keep your skin clear. 

Wash Your Face After Waxing

This is especially important before bed to wash away any grime that’s built up throughout the day. Here are a few suggestions you can give your clients for how to clean and hydrate face after waxing:  

  • Use a gentle cleanser instead of a rough exfoliator.   
  • Try oil-absorbing moisturizer 

Don’t Touch Freshly Waxed Skin 

Those wondering how to clear acne can start by avoiding touching their face. Your hands pick up a lot of dirt and bacteria throughout the day, which transfers to the skin on your face when you touch it, causing breakouts. This is especially true for freshly waxed skin.  

Be Cautious of Bangs 

Hairspray and grease from your bangs can cause breakouts on your forehead. If your bangs are long enough, it might also lead to breakouts around your freshly waxed eyebrows

Choose Makeup Carefully 

While makeup can give you the appearance of flawless skin, people who constantly wear makeup are often prone to breakouts. Be careful if applying makeup to freshly waxed skin. Using oil-free makeup, washing your hands before applying, and regularly cleaning your makeup brushes can help keep your skin clear.  


There are a wide variety of reasons why your client may be experiencing breakouts after waxing. Changing daily habits and avoiding getting oils and dirt on your face unnecessarily can help keep skin clear. 

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