Is There Such Thing As Painless Waxing?

by Notch Solutions on April 15, 2021
Does Painless Waxing Exist?
Mention waxing to many people and their first response is “ouch, waxing hurts!” But, is this always the case? Thankfully, the answer to that often asked question is no.  In fact, pain-free waxing does exist. Below we have shared some tips, both things you can do and products you should consider.
What You Can Do to Minimize Waxing Pain
The benefits of waxing are considerable, not the least of which is clean, smooth, hair-free skin. When planning for your waxing there are a few things you can do to make the experience less painful.
First, make sure the time that you are waxing is optimal.  This means avoiding the days immediately before you get your period; your body can be more sensitive then. And, several days before you wax, consider exfoliating. This can help prepare the area for an easier process. Timing appropriately and exfoliating are two tips that make waxing, especially bikini waxing, less painful.
Appropriate care for your body, post waxing, can help alleviate soreness or sensitivity. Experts recommend avoiding hot showers after waxing as the heat tends to dry out your skin.  Also, don’t forget to moisturize; hydrated skin is less painful. Finally, watch your schedule. Working out immediately after waxing can be a bad idea.
Products to Consider
The products you use, both before and during the process, can affect your waxing experience. Selecting both the proper waxing materials and high-quality pre-wax care products can result in a less painful experience.
Waxing Products
Choosing the correct wax for the area of your body you are addressing is an important step in achieving a painless experience. Hard versus soft wax is often discussed. The area of your body should help determine the product used.  For example, professional stripless waxing products are ideal for Brazilian waxing. 
Pre-Wax Care
Taking the time to care for your body prior to waxing is one of the most important steps to take. Consider the array of pre-wax care products available today. These help clean, exfoliate and condition the skin minimizing pain both during and after waxing.  Also, irritation and inflammation will be reduced.
Painless Waxing: It Can Happen!
Clearly, there are a number of things to do that can make any waxing experience less painful. While some steps are personal and should be initiated by the consumer, others are the responsibility of the salon (or individual performing the services).  The high-quality products available on the market can help you provide your clients the best possible experience.

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