Wax Type

Body Waxing

Roll-On Wax

Glitter Roll-On Wax

# of units Total Price Price Per unit
1 CT $5.79 $5.79/ct
10 CT $49.90 $4.99/ct
24 CT $104.16 $4.34/ct
48 CT $203.52 $4.24/ct

Low-Temperature Roll On Hair Wax Formulated for All Skin Types & Client Comfort

Made with the best hypoallergenic resins and natural ingredients, our easy-to-
use roll-on wax cartridges are designed to work on all skin and hair types. Our roll-on
wax systems require no handling of wax and provide a convenient and practical method of depilation that leaves no mess behind. These low-temperature disposable waxes are perfect for larger areas of the body. Our hypoallergenic formulation will help ensure the ideal level of comfort for every client by reducing redness and irritation.


Roller Wax - A Perfect Solution for All Hair Thickness

Our roller wax provides estheticians with a portable, pre-measured soft wax layer application for the most stubborn hairs. Our wax cartridges are easy to use and made with the same premium ingredients as our soft wax, so you can provide your clients with the best results, whether you work at a salon or on-the-go. Our soft wax cartridges are available in different variations, each made with naturally-derived ingredients. This helps you offer a more personalized experience by using unique aromatic waxes, pre wax care and post waxing care that will leave the skin feeling extremely smooth and soft to the touch.


Roll On Leg Wax

Nacach roll-on soft wax is the perfect choice for legs thanks to its natural
ingredients, which have been chosen to leave legs feeling smooth, hydrated, and free of stubble. If you are an esthetician offering leg waxing services, our soft wax is the best option. We offer two presentations of which you could choose whether you want the application to be with the spatula or cartridge. The Roll-on is recommended for large areas such as arms, chest, back, and legs.


Offer Your Clients a Reliable Range of Benefits With Nacach’s Roll-On Cartridges

Whether you are working from a salon or your home, roll-on cartridges are a must-have. Nacach wax cartridges are made in Italy with the best ingredients in the industry. Portable, easy to use, and made with premium-quality ingredients, we guarantee flawless results that will keep your clients coming back to you. Try Nacach today and see why those who try it, never go back to their old brand.