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Ocean Blue Hard Wax BeadsOcean Blue Hard Wax Beads - Nacach
Ocean Blue Hard Wax Beads Sale priceFrom $16.97
Purple Grape Hard Wax BeadsPurple Grape Hard Wax Beads - Nacach
Purple Grape Hard Wax Beads Sale priceFrom $14.97
Romantic Vibes Film WaxRomantic Vibes Film Wax
Romantic Vibes Film Wax Sale priceFrom $16.97
Pomegranate Hypoallergenic Hard WaxPomegranate Hypoallergenic Hard Wax
Rice Cream Hypoallergenic Hard WaxRice Cream Hypoallergenic Hard Wax
Rice Cream Hypoallergenic Hard Wax Sale priceFrom $54.90
Hypoallergenic Aloe Gel Soft WaxHypoallergenic Aloe Gel Soft Wax - Nacach
Hypoallergenic Aloe Gel Soft Wax Sale priceFrom $14.90
Hypoallergenic Rice Cream Soft WaxHypoallergenic Rice Cream Soft Wax - Nacach
Hypoallergenic Rice Cream Soft Wax Sale priceFrom $14.90
Hypoallergenic Coconut Soft WaxHypoallergenic Coconut Soft Wax - Nacach
Hypoallergenic Coconut Soft Wax Sale priceFrom $14.90
Hypoallergenic Tea Tree Oil Soft WaxHypoallergenic Tea Tree Oil Soft Wax - Nacach
Hypoallergenic Chocolate Soft WaxHypoallergenic Chocolate Soft Wax
Hypoallergenic Chocolate Soft Wax Sale priceFrom $14.90
Hypoallergenic Ocean Blue Soft WaxHypoallergenic Ocean Blue Soft Wax
Hypoallergenic Ocean Blue Soft Wax Sale priceFrom $16.90
Hypoallergenic Grape Soft WaxHypoallergenic Grape Soft Wax - Nacach
Hypoallergenic Grape Soft Wax Sale priceFrom $14.90
Hypoallergenic Pure Pink Soft WaxHypoallergenic Pure Pink Soft Wax
Hypoallergenic Pure Pink Soft Wax Sale priceFrom $16.90
Moroccan Gold Hard Wax with Argan OilMoroccan Gold Hard Wax with Argan Oil
Pure Pink Hypoallergenic w/ Titanium Dioxide Hard WaxPure Pink Hypoallergenic w/ Titanium Dioxide Hard Wax

Underarm Waxing

If you offer waxing as part of your business, underarm waxing is likely one of the most popular services you provide. Your clients know that waxing their underarms is quick and effective. The result is long-lasting smooth and hair-free skin.

As a professional, you know that only the highest quality products should be used on this sensitive area of the body. At Nacach, we offer the best wax on the market. The products we have for underarm waxing are segmented into two categories, each offers significant options.

 Should I use Hard Wax or Soft Wax to Wax My Underarms?

Hard Wax Beads: Our hard wax beads are perfect for underarm waxing.  They have a low temp-to-body point, which helps to keep your clients comfortable. Additionally, they are comprised of the highest quality ingredients including all-natural resins and pure beeswax. Some are formulated with additions including zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Our inventory includes the following: Ocean Blue, Purple Grape, Romantic Vibes, Yellow, Pomegranate, Rice Cream, Pure Pink, and Morrocan Gold.

Soft Wax: The combination of its non-sticky texture and low melting point make this a favorite for waxing underarms. We offer the following options: Aloe Gel, Rice Cream, Coconut, Tea Tree Oil, Chocolate, Ocean Blue, Grape, and Pure Pink. Each has unique features and a pleasant fragrance.

Take some time and review the description for each product. While all are exceptional, there are unique attributes to each. We are proud to provide such an extensive line, giving our clients the opportunity to purchase what works best for those they serve.

Our website offers a great deal of information on each product, but it is only natural that questions may arise. Please reach out to us;  we are always happy to share additional information and help you to determine the best options for your business.

As a family-owned and operated organization, we recognize the challenges you face. As such, we are proud to provide volume discounts on our products. 

Our company is committed to producing and distributing the very best wax and accessories on the market. We know that the products you choose to use impact the services you provide Helping you to deliver a quality experience is our ultimate goal.


Hard Wax & Soft Wax: More Details

The wax's form is one distinction, though. Hard Waxes are solid at room temperature because they feel "hard" to the touch, similar to candle wax. Hard waxes are frequently referred to as "Hot waxes" since melting the wax is required before using it. On the other hand, soft waxes are spreadable and "soft" at room temperature, much like honey. Both waxes are very effective, but each has a different application and removal process.

Hard waxes are applied in the direction of hair growth in a thick layer. The Hard Wax "entraps" and "wraps" the hair as it cools. Since the undesirable hair is plucked out or peeled off of the Hard Wax itself, no strips are required. With Soft Wax, the procedure is a little different because the wax is applied in the same direction as hair growth in a paper-thin layer. The wax and undesired hair are then removed using an epilation strip. The need to maintain taut skin throughout application and removal are similarities between the two procedures.

The best wax to use relies entirely on the type of hair you have and the location you are waxing. For tiny areas like the face or bikini, hard waxes are advised and most effective. The ONLY wax suggested for a Brazilian is a hard wax. Do you have coarse hair? Is having short, stubby hair hard for you to shave or wax? Try Hard Wax; it works best on thick, short, or uncooperative hair.

Although soft waxes can be used on coarse hair as well, they work better on bigger regions like the torso or legs since they are quicker, simpler, and more effective. An excellent all-purpose wax, at Nacach our wax is comparable to any Soft Wax you'll find in a salon.