Pomegranate Body Oil
Pomegranate Body Oil
Pomegranate Body Oil
Pomegranate Post Wax Body Oil
Pomegranate Post Wax Body Oil

    Pomegranate Body Oil

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    This proprietary blend of two vegetable oils and enriched with pomegranate oil is made to keep you nourished and moisturized post-depilation. This oil is not greasy and does not leave residues on the skin, making it ideal not only for post-waxing but also for after a shower or for a stimulating body massage. No parabens, paraffin, dyes, or chemical preservatives, our Pomegranate Body Oil will make a great addition to any professional’s waxing supplies. Our Pomegranate Body Oil is highly recommended after a soft wax hair removal system.

    Like the rest of our waxing products, this naturally-derived post-wax care oil is made in Italy, using no artificial preservatives and no testing on animals. Our soothing pomegranate oil provides an excellent post-depilatory skincare treatment and ingrown hair treatment, making it a perfect option for salons nationwide.

    The skin in the area where hair has been waxed will be sensitive and red for a few days afterward. Applying a soothing moisturizer after getting your legs, eyebrows, or bikini area waxed is essential for keeping your skin soft and smooth. By applying our body oil on the area before you even notice irritation, you stay ahead of the game. It's not uncommon to get bumps after waxing, especially in the bikini area and on the legs. By protecting your skin with Pomegranate Body Oil, you can prevent the spread of bumps. Wax buildup on the skin is another thing that our Pomegranate Body Oil can help with. If the skin isn't properly cared for, wax residue can remain after waxing is finished. This body oil can be used on any area of your body that you’ve waxed.

    Size: 16.9 fl oz (500 ml)

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    I love this oil and going to be trying the other oils out too!! Definitely one of my favorites for now.

    Joy G.


    My all time favorite! All my clients absolutely love and always comment on how good it smells

    Tiffany C.


    Love your products

    Rosa E.


    Love the smell.

    Argenis G.


    Great oil for wax removal and smells good!!!

    Harlaee J.