Branded Wax Can Collars
Branded Wax Can Collars - Nacach
Branded Wax Can Collars - Nacach
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Branded Wax Can Collars

Low melting point
Nearly Pain-Free Hair Removal
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Branded Wax Can Collars

Our paper collar is set around wax cans to guard wax heaters against drips and stains. These easy-to-fit collars are designed to keep your wax cans and warmers clean at all times. If you’re a professional esthetician who is looking for a safe way to transfer wax cans, these collars are a perfect choice.

A wax can is a container made of wax-coated paperboard, which is used to package a variety of products. Wax cans are easy to use, as they can be easily opened and closed by pulling on the tab on the top of the can. This makes them a convenient option for consumers, who can simply open the can and use the contents without any additional hassle. These branded wax can collars are designed to act as a shield for the spillage of wax out of the container. These are essential tools if you are using a wax can because they will make the process much cleaner.


How To Use Soft Wax

Warm the wax in a wax warmer until it has melted and reached a liquid consistency. To avoid burns, always test the wax temperature on a small area before applying it.

Gently apply one of our
Pre-Wax Care products to the area.

Each and every time dip a new spatula into the wax container and using a thin coating of wax, apply it in the direction of hair development.

Apply a non-woven or muslin strip and firmly press it in place. Lift a strip's border and pull it off in one swift motion, this time against the hair growth.

To finish the treatment, gently apply the Nacach Post Wax Refreshing Cream massage smooth until absorbed.

5 Reviews
What Our Customers Are Saying

Works great

Joy G.


Lo mejor para mantener mi warmer limpio

Maryori L.


Me encanta todo ! Pero la cera de coco es un poco difícil de manejar por la consistencia gruesa

Silkia M.


Didn’t know I needed this but it catches the wax and won’t get your warmer all messy!

Shaundra H.


Love it

Kristy N.