Best Wax for Sensitive Skin - Nacach Wax

by Marcos Nacach on December 10, 2021

Sensitive skin is common.  In fact, the National Institute of Health shares that between 50 and 70% of people report having it. If you count yourself among this majority, you are likely careful when selecting skincare products and may be concerned with services like waxing.

The good news is that those with sensitive skin can wax safely and comfortably. That said, there are some steps you should take and products you should consider. Both are shared below.

Hair Removal Precautions

The following tips can help prepare your sensitive skin for waxing:

  • Watch Your Diet: Avoid caffeine and alcohol. Eat potassium-rich foods (like bananas).
  • Stay Out of the Sun.
  • Time Your Waxing Appointments: (Don’t wax if you have your period.)
  • Moisturize Regularly
  • Clean Your Skin Before Waxing

It is also wise to spot test new products to see if they cause irritation.

Best Wax for Sensitive Skin Available 

Choosing the right products for your sensitive skin is critical in avoiding irritation.  At Nacach, we are dedicated to providing all of our clients with the perfect products for their skin types. Of our extensive inventory, these products are incredibly popular.

  • Soft Wax: If you are a fan of soft wax, our hypoallergenic products are a great choice. And our selection is significant. Our inventory includes the following hypoallergenic options: Ocean Blue, Pure Pink, Rice Cream, Chocolate, Aloe Gel, Coconut, Grape, and Tea Tree Oil.
  • Hard Wax: If you like hard wax, consider Romantic Vibes or Yellow with Titanium Dioxide.  Other appropriate products include our hypoallergenic offerings which include Pomegranate and Rice Cream.

The variety of products available is considerable, providing our clients with sensitive skin and a broad range of choices.

Nacach Wax has decades of experience manufacturing and distributing the highest quality waxing and sugaring products. We are well known for the products that we create for professionals working in spas and salons as well as independent estheticians. We provide the best wax