Sugaring Versus Waxing, What Is The Difference?

by Marcos Nacach on November 08, 2021

The options for hair removal are considerable. Depending upon the body part involved, shaving, waxing, plucking, sugaring, and even permanent hair removal are viable choices.  Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to each.

When removing hair from your face, arms, legs, and even your bikini area, both waxing and sugaring can help. While waxing is incredibly well-known, sugaring may not be as familiar but it is growing in popularity. It is something you may want to consider. That said, what is the difference between sugaring and waxing?


Most of us are familiar with waxing. For those who may not be, here’s a brief overview.

Waxing, which has been around forever, is a process that removes hair at its root. Prior to waxing, skin preparation is critical. The area to be waxed should be cleaned. Either strip wax or hard wax is then used to remove the hair from the desired area. After, a post depilatory product or  body oil is applied to soothe the area and complete the procedure.   Waxing results in smooth and even skin - the process removes dead skin cells in addition to your hair.


Sugaring uses a mixture of sugar and water to create a paste that is efficient at removing hair from the root.  Because the ingredients are all-natural, it’s often an excellent choice for those who have sensitive skin.

Prior to sugaring, a light application of powder (cornstarch base, talc free or even waxing powder) should be applied to the area. Then, sugar paste, which many salons across the country use, should be applied by hand. Aestheticians should use their fingers, NOT a spatula, for this hair removal treatment. After a few seconds, the paste can be removed, taking the hair with it. After sugaring, your skin will be incredibly smooth.

The Differences

Both waxing and sugaring are incredibly effective ways to remove unwanted hair. That said, which is best for you? Consider some of these facts.

  • Ingredients: Sugaring ingredients are 100% all-natural, while some waxes may have additives. If you have sensitive skin, you should look at the ingredients of the products you use and discuss your concerts with an esthetician.
  • Repetitive Use: Waxing is a one-shot process, repeated applications can be irritating. Sugaring, however, allows for a second application, allowing you to address areas that you may have missed.
  • Hair Length: If you are looking to remove hair more frequently, sugaring may be more effective on shorter hair. Waxing is most effective on hair with ¼ inch growth.
  • Removal: Waxing removes hair in the opposite direction from which it grows, while sugaring removes hair in the same direction. Some believe this is less painful.

Choose What’s Right

In the end, the best option is an individual choice. Each process has its pluses and minuses.  The most important thing to remember is that quality counts. If you engage a professional for your hair removal, check references, ask about the products they use, and always have an eye on the cleanliness of the facility.  If you choose to manage your hair removal on your own, make sure you purchase only the best products - your skin will thank you!

Nacach Wax has decades of experience manufacturing and distributing the highest quality waxing and sugaring products. We are well known for the products that we create for professionals working in spas and salons as well as independent estheticians.