Can You Reuse Hard Wax?

by Notch Solutions Collaborator on June 11, 2021

Being economical is smart. So is being sustainable. We all know that reducing waste is good for the environment. 

Waxing is an incredibly popular method of hair removal and the industry is expected to continue to grow. With more and more people visiting salons for their waxing needs, it is not surprising that the question “can I reuse hard wax” is regularly asked, both by estheticians. and those who wax at home.

At Nacach Wax, our products are primarily for licensed estheticians and salon owners. Any reputable business (or salon that's following state and local guidelines) will NEVER reuse their hard wax. Salons can and will be shut down if they're found reusing hard wax to save money because it's unsanitary and unsafe for the next customer. 

Though our products are tailored for professional use, some people may purchase our products for personal use at home. When it comes to personal use, reusing hard wax is a bit different. Consider the following scenarios. 

Personal Waxing/Waxing in Your Home

Not everyone visits a salon or spa for their waxing needs. Some people find it preferable to take care of the task at home. Today, it is possible to order the highest quality products for personal use, which makes waxing at home even easier.  That said, quality products are not always the most inexpensive.  But, they are often worth the investment.

When using more costly supplies, it makes sense that you would want to save the unused portion for the next time you need to wax. If this describes you, then we have some good news -- you CAN reuse your hard wax. Recognize though, that wax can harbor bacteria.  The temperature needed to melt this substance is not high enough to kill these germs. So, the wax you use at home can be re-used a few times, but only for one person.  If you have multiple people in your household who are all waxing, it makes sense for each to keep their supply separate.

Waxing by Professionals

If you are an aesthetician or a spa or salon owner, you likely know how costly wax can be. The desire to reuse it is understandable. On the surface, this may seem like good business sense. Unfortunately, however, it is not.  

All individuals, even those who don’t have visible issues, have bacteria living on their skin. When you save hard wax and use it on multiple people, you risk transferring that bacteria from client to client, a practice that could cause health issues.  

While you may save money by leveraging the use of your products, the risk you take in possibly causing harm to your clients is significant. It could affect repeat business and ultimately your reputation.  

Quality Products = Quality Service

As with most things in life, and as shared above, what works and is appropriate in one situation may not be in another. 

So, if you are purchasing hard wax for your own personal hair removal, it can be safely re-used (assuming you take the appropriate care and steps necessary).  However, if you are operating a business and serving multiple clients, hard wax should be disposed of after each individual waxing session, and a fresh new supply should be used for the next person.

High-quality products are a hallmark of a reputable business, as is responsible service. If you are a business, make sure you take the necessary steps to provide your clients the experience they deserve.

Nacach Wax has decades of experience manufacturing and distributing the highest quality waxing products. We are well known for the products that we create for professionals working in spas and salons as well as independent estheticians.