Waxing Kits: Which Kit Is Best For Me

by Notch Solutions Collaborator on May 13, 2021
There are a broad range of waxing kits on the market today. As an esthetician, having all of the necessary supplies on hand is critical in providing your clients the best possible service. You want to be able to satisfy their every need.

When you are looking at kits to purchase, you want to make sure that the products included are designed for professionals and are of the highest quality. You cannot provide excellent service with subpar materials.  You need the right technique or the results can be poor. 

Understanding this, it is key that you determine what you need and research the multitude of kits available. While shopping, some of the things to consider include:

The Manufacturer

A little bit of research goes a long way.  Make sure you purchase your waxing kits from reputable companies, those experienced in the industry with a history of providing high-quality products. Take the time to check out the background of the companies from which you will purchase, as well as their reviews. Nacach wax has worked with a single manufacturer, the oldest in Italy. As a result, we can guarantee consistent quality with our products. Others have many different manufacturers, lowering the guarantee of quality products significantly.

The Job

As a professional, you know that you need specific products for each of the services you provide. Hard wax kits are appropriate for facial waxing. This type of wax is designed for eyebrows, lips, and chins.  You can even use it for all-over facial waxing. 

If you specialize in full body waxing (backs, legs, and arms) you would need a soft wax kit as this product is better suited for larger areas. When you are purchasing a soft wax kit, you should check to make sure it includes everything you need. You can always buy additional items separately, taking stock of what is included is important.  Soft waxing requires wax warmers to keep the wax at the correct temperature and consistency for a smooth and comfortable waxing experience. 

Your Level of Experience

Are you a seasoned professional with an established clientele? If so, you will want a larger kit, one that contains a greater variety and greater quantities of products. On the other hand, if you are newer to the business, or still in beauty school, a smaller kit may be more appropriate for your needs.  Regardless of your level, you will want to make sure that your waxing kit also includes skincare products for pre and post-waxing like lotions, gels, and creams. 

The plethora of waxing kits available today are designed for a broad range of skill levels, wants, and needs. Take the time to clearly identify what you require, carefully research your options and make sure to buy proven and reputable products. As an esthetician, the quality of the service you provide is highly dependent upon the products you use. Choose them wisely.

Nacach Wax has decades of experience manufacturing and distributing the highest quality waxing products. We are well known for the collections (waxing kits) that we create for professionals working in spas and salons as well as independent estheticians.