How Does Your Hair Length Affect Waxing?

by Marcos Nacach on March 16, 2020

Waxing is one of the most effective ways to remove unwanted hair growth and work towards getting rid of it for good at an affordable price. Read on to find out how to maximize your waxing sessions. Plus, find out how long your hair should be to get the best results with wax.

How Long Does Hair Have to Be to Wax?

Ideally, you want hair to be long enough to get stuck in the wax and pulled out. But you don’t want it so long that it hurts any more than necessary. You should allow for one full growth cycle. This is typically about 4 to 6 weeks. It should be about ¼ of an inch long. 

If the hair is too short, it may not be successfully pulled out. This can lead to repeat pulls in an effort to get more hair out. This is very irritating to the skin. Once your hair has completed a full growth cycle, it is slightly longer and will adhere better. Waxing will be quicker, less painful, and will also leave your legs smoother. 

Armpit Hair Length

Armpit hair may grow slower than leg hair. You should observe the same length when waxing in this area. Do not let the hair get too long. This will be much more painful. Instead, trim it if necessary. 

Brazilian Hair Length

The same rules apply here. If the hair is too long, trim it. If it is too short, wait. Waxing hair that is too short can be painful, and the bikini area is very easily irritated. You should avoid repeat pulls. 

What If The Hair Is Too Short?

What If The Hair Is Too Short?

If you attempt to wax when the hair on your legs is too short, not all of it will come out. Then you’ll have two different growth cycles going on at a time and will always experience instant regrowth after a wax. Why? Because the shortest hairs that did not come out with the wax will be growing in a few days.

The longer ones that were removed will begin their growth cycle a little while later. To keep your legs smoother, longer, you want to aim to remove all the hair at once. Keeping it on the same growth cycle is critical. 

What to Do if Your Hair Is Too Short or Too Long?

The best way to reach the ideal hair length for the majority of hair follicles at the same time is to shave. This will set all your hair back to the same spot. Then wait for the proper length to attempt waxing with a high-quality soft wax. 

How to Prepare Your Hair for Waxing

How to Prepare Your Hair for Waxing

To get the most out of your waxing experience, here are a few pre-wax care tips to keep in mind to prep your hair for waxing:

  • Do not shave in between sessions unless you have several growth cycles going on at a time. Otherwise, do not intervene between waxing appointments.
  • Exfoliate your skin daily. This will bring the hairs to the surface, including ingrown hair. It will make waxing easier, less painful, and provide better results.
  • Moisturize your skin regularly so as not to damage hair follicles. If hair follicles are healthy, they can be more easily ripped out by the root during waxing.

Try a Pre-Wax Lotion

Using a pre-wax lotion with natural ingredients can be beneficial before a waxing session. It can serve as a natural antiseptic and soothe the skin during the waxing experience. 

How Long Does Leg Waxing Last?

The first two weeks after waxing should leave your legs looking smooth. After that, depending on how dark your hair is, the regrowth will start to show. This is usually when it can be tempting to shave. But if you do, you will have to start the wait over.

At-Home Waxing Tips

To ensure the best results, here are some tips to help you wax your body at home:

  •     Purchase a wax warmer and other essential items in a waxing kit
  •     Use a wooden spatula to spread the wax without burning your skin
  •     Use strong epilating strips that won’t rip when pulled
  •     Try a water-soluble wax to make clean up easier
  •     Pull against the grain
  •     Avoid pulling on the same areas repeatedly

What Are the Benefits of Waxing?

Shaving and laser hair removal are the main methods of hair removal besides waxing. Here’s a rundown of how they compare:

  1. Laser hair removal is effective but is much costlier than waxing. It can cost upwards of several thousand dollars to complete hair removal.
  2. Shaving is a constant battle. The more you shave, the quicker – and thicker – the hair will grow back. Some people have to shave daily to hide the regrowth.
  3. Waxing, on the other hand, is affordable and effective. Over time, the hair will get thinner and weaker. Eventually, it will stop growing altogether. Yes, it is somewhat painful. But it is much less painful than laser hair removal.

The Takeaway

Waxing to get rid of unwanted body hair is the most effective and affordable method of hair removal there is. Be sure to allow your hair to grow to the right length to get optimal results. And always use safe and effective products to make the waxing experience as smooth as possible.