Eyebrow Waxing vs Threading: Which Is Better?

by Marcos Nacach on March 23, 2020

What Is Eyebrow Waxing?

Eyebrow waxing is an age-old technique, where an esthetician uses a wooden spatula or stick to smear hot wax on the desired area. A paper strip is then applied to the area of skin with the wax and is smoothed and pressed onto the skin, then ripped away quickly. The hair is ripped from the root, providing a smooth result. Usually, a lotion is applied afterward to lessen pain and redness.

Eyebrow waxing originated in parts of the Mediterranean and Arab world where women from those areas typically have thicker growing hair.

What Is Eyebrow Threading?

Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow threading is also an ancient technique, originated from Asia. Most estheticians will sit down with the client for a conversation on what they want, considering the shape and coarseness of the hair. Then, they will sanitize and clean the desired areas. The client is told to keep their eyes shut and to actively taughten their skin during the process.

Eyebrows threading can get a little tricky. From this, the esthetician uses a sanitized thread, specifically with anti-bacterial wax, and twists that thread into a triangular loop that removes hair from the follicles. Afterward, trimming around the area will create the desired shape and look.

Eyebrow Shaping Techniques

When speaking to an esthetician, they’ll consider your face shape to find the best eyebrow shape to complement it. Here are a few options specific to face shape for brow threading or brow wax purposes.

  1. Square - Square faced clients are lucky to be angular and more apparent in structure. To balance the angles, a soft or round brow is recommended.
  2. Round - The opposite of square faces, round ones need arching angles to balance the shapes.
  3. Long or Oval - These faces are most compatible with soft arches or flat brows. A high arch could be catastrophic for an already visibly long shaped face, giving a sallow look.
  4. Heart-Shaped - Cute, heart-shaped faces need a soft arch, nothing too fancy.

Benefits of Eyebrow Shaping and Threading

Women Shaping Eyebrow

Both methods have long-lasting effects because of close removal to the follicles or roots, growing back 4-6 weeks after waxing or threading. Waxing is perfect for already thick eyebrows and clients that prefer less painful experiences. Whereas having eyebrows threaded is ideal for more sensitive persons.

  • The benefits of waxing are that after many times back, the hair grows back smoother and thinner, plus it grows less rapidly than with shaving because of its precision. It’s also the most mainstream form of hair removal in the western world.

So technically, anybody can buy the waxing tools and do their eyebrows themselves. It’s also instant, so it’s less time consuming for a waxer on the go.

  • The benefits of threading include that it’s best for clients with sensitive skin, having less strain and pull on the face and no hot wax that could potentially irritate the area. No chemicals are applied either, and it’s ethically compatible with Retinol users. 

Pre-Waxing or Threading Methods

  1. Good hygiene from the client and esthetician should be observed to avoid pimples after. Washing your face and cleaning excess oil could prevent discomfort later.
  2. If waxing, clients must absolutely avoid AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) products because the chemicals are harmful and can make the skin easier to burn or rupture.
  3. No makeup! While threading eyebrows, it could clog follicles and assure pimples or blackheads.
  4. Stay away from sunburns or suntanning, which can increase the chances of skin irritation. Eyebrow threading before and after could hurt with these dangerous additions.
  5. On your period? Sorry! Reschedule or else risk your sensitive skin to ruin these expensive, waxed, or threaded eyebrows. 


Both methods can be painful because beauty is pain. 

  1. The risks of waxing are the cost, and finding a reputable esthetician could mean quality over quantity, therefore an empty wallet. If a client trusts an unproven professional, the waxing might not pick up the desired shape, or the swift paper ripping could cause a skin burn or unwanted skin removal. 
  2. Moreover, waxing isn’t the best method for persons with recent chemical peels or Retinol treatments. Nor is it ideal for clients with sensitive skin because the removal could irritate or cause rashes. 
  3. The main risk of threading is that it can be extremely painful, more so than waxing. It’s definitely something that has you grinding your teeth and ready to jump. If not done properly with a trained esthetician, it could also leave more redness than waxing does. 

Additionally, persons with sensitive skin could break out or grow blemishes after threading, so it’s important that the professional uses fresh and clean threads that are properly sanitized.  

Clients also say that getting threaded eyebrows is not only more painful and but takes longer than waxing.  

Nacach Products

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post-waxing care

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wax warmers

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3. Sugar Pastes 

sugar paste

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4. Eyebrow Waxing Kits

eyebrows waxing kits

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If you’re asking, “where are the eyebrow places near me?” or “where is the eyebrow shaping near me?” waxing is a readily available option everywhere. European Wax Center is one of the most trusted chains, so it’s worth checking their rates. Moreover, check Yelp reviews or ask friends for references.

Threading is a little more obscure but easily available in bigger cities. Either way, both methods work best depending on individual needs. There’s no need to pit eyebrow threading vs. waxing when everyone has different types of skin and face shapes.