How Long Does full Body Wax Last

by Marcos Nacach on July 12, 2021

Full body waxing is the absolute best way to get soft, smooth, and hairless skin. The process is quick, reasonably priced, and incredibly effective. That said, one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to waxing is “how long will this last?” Of course, people are concerned. They want to be able to plan their lives, and their waxing appointments appropriately.

A number of things both do and do not affect how long your waxing will last and how often you will need to have it done. 

Type of Wax for Body Waxing

The primary thing that does not affect how often you need to wax is the type of wax used (hard wax vs. soft wax).  Regrowth tends to be consistent regardless. That said, if you have waxed in the past few weeks and start to see some new hairs, and you want to get rid of them, hard wax may be your best bet. Because it adheres directly it is better at removing small, fine hairs at the start of the regrowth process.

More factors do impact how long your full body waxing lasts. First, professional waxes tend to last longer than when you DIY.  Because they are skilled and experienced, they are more successful at removing full pieces of hair from the root, lengthening growth time. This does not mean that you shouldn’t wax at home, just be prepared to do it a bit more frequently. 

How often one wax can vary from person to person.  Both personal regrowth rates, as well as hair tolerance, differ. Some people cannot deal with any stubble and will need to wax more frequently in order to feel comfortable.

Boxing Waxing Areas 

Additionally, the area of your body also affects how often you will have to wax.  Underarm hair grows faster than leg hair, and hair growth on your face (eyes, lip line) can be extremely visible. These areas may need to be waxed more often to maintain the appearance you like!  While we know how hard it is to see a stray eyebrow or lip hair, if you can refrain from plucking it, please do!  When hair grows evenly it is easier to wax efficiently. 

When you leave a salon (or the room where you wax at home) you are likely thrilled with your soft and smooth skin. But realize, it’s only temporary.  In about 3 weeks you may begin to see regrowth (even sooner on certain body areas) and you will likely need to wax again in 6 weeks.  That said, some people will need to go more often while others will be able to wait a bit longer. In general, hair should be ¼ of an inch for ideal waxing.

While this may seem like a frequent process, bear in mind that other hair removal processes, like shaving, don’t last nearly as long.  Shaving cuts hair at the skin’s surface while waxing removes it at the root. Those who wax require much less maintenance.

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