How To Clean A Wax Warmer

by Marcos Nacach on July 14, 2021

Keep it clean for wax warmer hair removal!  Whether you are a professional esthetician or an at-home DIY waxer, keeping your tools clean is one of the most important things to do. While much of what you use when waxing is disposable (one and done), there are some items that you will use repeatedly.  Perhaps the most important, and often the most costly, is your wax warmer.

Taking efforts to extend the life of this important piece of equipment is wise, given the amount of money you've invested in it. Of course, we all know, bacteria and germs thrive in warm places. Thus, maintaining super-clean tools is critical for providing your clients (as well as yourself) safe, high-quality service.

Luckily, a  professional wax warmer is pretty simple to keep clean. 


How to remove wax from wax warmer

Maintenance is Key: At the end of each day, if you are a professional, or each use if you wax at home, clean your wax warmer.

Heat is Your Friend: Without a doubt, warm wax is easier to clean than wax that is cold and hard. So, turn your warmer on to melt any wax left inside the pot or on its edges. One it is warm UNPLUG IT!  Never clean a warmer that is plugged into an electrical outlet. Then, remove and save any wax that can be safely stored and reused (this is wax that you know has not been contaminated).  Then wipe it out.  Caution: If your pot is empty and clean, do NOT turn on the heater as this can damage it.

Use Your Tools: You know how well your wax strips work when treating your clients? Well, they work just as well for cleaning your wax warmer!  Take advantage of them and remove any wax stubbornly sticking to the warmer. Another great tool for cleaning the rim of your warmer is a popsicle stick. These are inexpensive and incredibly effective. Finally, wipe your warmer clean with rubbing alcohol.

Dry, Dry, Dry!: Once it is clean, dry it completely with a paper towel and leave it unplugged until you are ready to use it again.

While the tips above are ideal for every day quick clean, at least weekly you should sterilize your warmer and all other tools which you use. If you work in a professional salon, you can likely take advantage of their sterilizing equipment. If you work on your own, or wax at home, there are a range of products on the market to help. 

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