Extra Soft Sugar Paste

    Extra Soft Sugar Paste

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    Our extra soft sugar paste is made exclusively with water and sugar, making it entirely water-soluble and 100% natural. Nacach No. 1 Sugar Paste is easy to use in large body areas and offers deep moisturizing that will leave your clients’ skin feeling unbelievably soft and hydrated.

    This extra soft, depilatory sugar paste is recommended for winter-cold dry climates. Due to extreme soft consistency, it requires high expertise. Nacach Sugaring Paste No. 1 is made in Italy with 100% natural ingredients. This sugar paste delivers a more soothing sugaring hair removal experience, making it a perfect option for highly trained sugaring professionals.

    In comparison to shaving, which only eliminates hair from the surface of the skin, sugaring and waxing are more commonly thought of as being two of the best methods of hair removal. There is a difference between using wax and using a soft sugar paste though. When sugaring, the sugar is applied against the hair's natural growth pattern and then wiped away in the direction that the hair grows. Because sugar only removes the skin's outermost layer, it can be applied to the same area of skin several times without irritating the deeper layers. Skin is smoothed and dead skin cells are removed in this procedure. But that does not mean that sugar paste will never induce the same redness and pimples as waxing because that is possible.

    Net Weight: 40 oz. / 1134 g. / 27.5 fl oz