Student Hard Waxing Kit - Nacach
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Student Hard Waxing Kit

$114.66 $99.98
Choice Of Hard Wax:
Yellow hard wax beads
Black hard wax beads
Jasmin green hard wax beads
Purple grape hard wax beads
Dark green hard wax beads
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The convenient Student Hard Wax Kit was designed with beauty students in mind. This professional waxing kit comes with everything students need to practice at home and get started on their hair removal business. Our hair waxing removal products are designed to provide your clients with the most satisfactory and painless hair removal experience. Get started on your journey with the best waxing kit.

The student waxing kit includes:

  • 1 Neptune Wax Warmer
  • 2 Bags Hard Wax (Customer’s beads of choice)
  • 1 Corn Starch Powder
  • 1 Small Pre-Waxing Cleanser
  • 1 Small Post Depilatory Milk
  • 100 Body Spatulas
  • 100 Facial Spatulas