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Pure Pink with Titanium Dioxide Hard Wax
Pure Pink with Titanium Dioxide Hard Wax
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Pure Pink with Titanium Dioxide Hard Wax


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This high Elastic hair removal creamy hard wax is great for coarse-haired full-body waxing and has a rapid drying period, making it an excellent choice for busy professionals.

This type is another well-developed product thanks to a fantastic blend of hypoallergenic resins and all-natural beeswax, as well as titanium dioxide. Because of its characteristics, it is also excellent for use on the face and on skin that is extremely sensitive. It has an unmatched low temperature at body contact for customers’ comfort. Another fantastic addition to our famous Pure Pink Hypoallergenic Soft Waxes line that has a faint smell similar to our successful Pure Pink Hypoallergenic Soft Waxes line.


High-Quality Hard Wax Beads

Wax beads or 'hard wax beans' are praised for their ability to melt down at record speed owing to their tiny size. They can also be applied thinly and across small surface areas without cracking or breaking. Nacach Wax's premium hypoallergenic hard wax beans heat and spread more evenly than our competition thanks to our high quality hard wax beans.

Made in Italy with 100% natural ingredients, our distinctive waxes stick to hair solely, guaranteeing great results on delicate regions. Our painless wax beads are gentle on the skin, effective for all hair types, and have a low melting point and soothing chemicals. Nacach waxes are convenient and easy to apply, making them ideal for estheticians and beauty students.



Bucket Size: ​​40 oz./ 1134 g. / 2.5 Lbs.