Nacach Wax's Best Professional Wax Warmers

by Marcos Nacach on April 06, 2020

Whether you are a full-time waxer or manage a spa or salon, you want the best wax warmer for both the aesthetician and the client. A salon can increase its business by being known on Yelp or Yahoo as the best bikini wax in the area. Read why Nacach is the best professional wax for hair removal and why you can trust their hot wax machines.

The Right Wax Warmer and the Right Wax

Right Wax Warmer


The right wax warmer makes all the difference in providing a quick and flawless waxing session. There are many different types of wax warmers, each with different occasions for use. With self waxing becoming more of an option, it’s important to offer the absolute finest experience in the salon, so that you will continue to book clients for repeat business.

Face Waxing

One of the areas that women may want to try self waxing on is the facial area. Face wax strips can be found in any neighborhood drugstore or big box stores, such as Walmart, Target, or Kmart. So it’s important that you offer the best facial waxing experience.

Nacach’s wax beads are hard waxes made in Italy with the finest natural ingredients. They are made so that they adhere to fine hair without irritating the skin, and they are particularly effective for face waxing and sensitive skin.

Their low-temperature melting point and high elasticity help make waxing delicate facial skin more pleasant, as does their delicate scent. Nacach’s hard wax beads are available in several fragrances, including Jasmin Green, Ocean Blue, and Purple Grape, for example.

Eyebrow Waxing

Eyebrow wax kit popularity is increasing, with manufacturers selling these DIY options at Ulta and elsewhere. Fortunately for professionals, the experience is lacking, with the wax drying way too quickly and not pulling all the hair. Continue to offer quality eyebrow shaping through waxing along with other facial waxing services to obtain and retain loyal clients. We recommend these affordable disposable spatulas for precision wax application.

Waxing Legs

Many women want to know how to wax your legs. For such a large area, as a professional, you know the most convenient way is in a spa or salon. To assist your shop with leg waxing, Nacach offers a wide variety of waxing products for the legs, including waxing warmers, soft waxes, and pre- and post-waxing treatments.

Nacach’s soft waxes are considered the best wax for legs by many, as they are ideal for short hair on large areas. For example, the Aloe Gel Soft Wax receives glowing reviews by aestheticians all over the country.

Nacach’s Best Wax Warmers

For multi-purpose waxing, you will want a quality wax warmer. Below are some details about Nacach’s warmers to decide which is the best one for your facility. They are all suitable for professional use and can be kept plugged in throughout the day.

1. Super Senior 2000 Warmer

This is a large electric wax warmer that can handle melting as much as 5 pounds of hard wax to the ideal temperature in under 30 minutes. It has a precision temperature control, which allows you to set it to the ideal temperature for different types of wax.

2. Small Professional Warmer $74.97

This smaller volume yet professional wax warmer is perfect for aestheticians who don’t need a larger unit. It can instantly and evenly melt up to a pound of hard wax. It also can accommodate warming of 400 or 800 ml can sizes of warm wax.

3. Multi-Combine Professional Warmer $129.97

A great way to heat two types of wax for hair removal, this warmer can heat a 400 ml wax can simultaneously with two 100 ml cartridges of wax. Nacach sells highly rated and very convenient roll-on cartridges that fit this unit.

4. Single Roll-On Professional Warmer $34.97

If your salon is new to trying roll-on waxes, this is a good option that is affordable enough to provide one for each aesthetician. It uses low power and makes clean up fast and simple.

5. Liberty Warmer $65.97

Another convenient mini model for wax melting, this Italian-made unit allows you to warm either 400 ml or 800 ml cans quickly and effectively to the right temperature.

6. Single Can Professional Warmer $54.97

Professionals will love this small Nacach Wax Warmer. It fits a 14 oz (400 ml) can of wax, as shown in this educational video about how to wax legs, which demonstrates how to make waxing legs a breeze. It comes with a convenient acrylic cap to keep wax dust free when not heated.

How to Clean Wax Warmer

All of Nacach’s wax warmers are designed for easy cleanup. For even more convenience, try a disposable paper collar on your wax cans to guard your wax heaters against drips and stains. They are especially handy if you often transfer wax cans to keep clean up to a minimum.

Why Choose Nacach for Waxing Equipment

You can trust Nacach for all your professional waxing needs. Besides being your source for the best hot waxing machine line, you may want to check out Nacach’s complete line of waxing accessories, such as premium non-woven, pre-cut strips, which are ideal for flawless removal of waxed hair with soft wax as well as cleaning the skin either before or after waxing. 

Nacach stands behind its waxes because they are made with the best ingredients to provide 100% customer satisfaction. The company encourages customers to provide their own reviews of products and invites salons to try samples of their waxes because once you try them, you and your clientele will be hooked!