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Nacach's soft wax collection delivers excellent results for body waxing. Perfect for large areas, our natural, high-quality waxes provide a gentle and efficient hair removal experience. Enhance your services with our soft waxes and ensure client satisfaction.


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Honey and Chamomile Soft WaxHoney and Chamomile Soft Wax Close Up
Honey and Chamomile Soft Wax Sale priceFrom $12.90
Hypoallergenic Ocean Blue Soft WaxHypoallergenic Ocean Blue Soft Wax
Hypoallergenic Ocean Blue Soft Wax Sale priceFrom $16.90
Hypoallergenic Aloe Gel Soft WaxHypoallergenic Aloe Gel Soft Wax - Nacach
Hypoallergenic Aloe Gel Soft Wax Sale priceFrom $14.90
Hypoallergenic Grape Soft WaxHypoallergenic Grape Soft Wax - Nacach
Hypoallergenic Grape Soft Wax Sale priceFrom $14.90

Our soft waxes have been formulated with a unique blend of the finest raw materials for a gentle and effective professional wax that is guaranteed to deliver flawless results. Like all of our waxes, our soft strip waxes are made in Italy and have a low melting-point, which helps reduce redness and irritation. These are ideal for short hair on large areas of the body, such as your legs, arms, and back. If you are a professional esthetician looking for the best soft wax hair removal for your clients, look no further.

The Time-Saving Soft Wax Assortment for Speedy Waxing

At Nacach, we are committed to providing the best soft wax for estheticians. Our decades of experience in the industry have taught us that every client and esthetician have different needs, which is why we offer a diverse assortment. Each of our formulas has been made with a unique combination of naturally-derived ingredients, such as grape seed oil, chamomile, tea tree oil, and more. We encourage you to explore each of our formulas and give our professional strip wax a try. We are sure you and your clients will be thoroughly satisfied thanks to our best-in-the-industry formulations that guarantee a pain-free experience and visibly flawless results.

Enjoy Traditional Waxing Styles With Our Strip Wax Products

As a professional esthetician, a majority of your appointments and services will require soft wax hair removal, since it is the preferred method for large areas of the body, such as legs, chest, back, and arms. Because your business will largely depend on your waxing service, it is crucial that you deliver great results with high-quality waxes and waxing products. In addition to our premium-quality wax, Nacach also offers Italian-made products manufactured with the same unparalleled quality. If you are looking to supplement your services with the best products, we recommend checking out our wax strips and pre wax lotion for the smoothest waxing experience.

Best Soft Wax for Brazilian Waxing: Gentle Waxing Made Easy

While hard wax is often the preferred method for Brazilian waxing, some estheticians may prefer soft wax for this area of the body. If you or your client prefers this type of waxing, you can count on Nacach to deliver great results with minimal discomfort. Thanks to our naturally-derived formulation, we offer the best solution for Brazilian appointments. Our wax will leave the skin feeling smooth and stubble-free. No irritation, redness, or pain.

Best Soft Wax for Face: Removes the Finest Hair With One Pull

Nacach roll-on soft wax is the perfect choice for legs thanks to its natural
ingredients, which have been chosen to leave legs feeling smooth, hydrated, and free of stubble. If you are an esthetician offering leg waxing services, our soft wax is the best option. We offer two presentations of which you could choose whether you want the application to be with the spatula or cartridge. The Roll-on is recommended for large areas such as arms, chest, back, and legs.

The #1 Choice of Professional Estheticians

As the number one choice among waxing professionals, we are dedicated to making the best products for estheticians. All the products we offer are formulated using the best ingredients and materials, whether it’s natural extracts for our waxes or high-quality stainless steel for our wax warmers. Browse our collection of waxes and waxing supplies and see why hundreds of estheticians are making the switch to Nacach Wax every day.