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Student Hard Waxing Kit
Student Hard Waxing Kit Sale price$136.61
Soft Wax Kit
Soft Wax Kit Sale price$165.52
Professional Roll-On Waxing Kit
Professional Multi-Combine Waxing System
Professional Hard Waxing Kit
Master Hard Waxing Kit
Master Hard Waxing Kit Sale price$500.25
Hypoallergenic Professional Hard Waxing Kit
Aloe Waxing Kit
Aloe Roll On Waxing Kit Sale price$54.98
Chocolate Waxing Kit

A Wide Range of Professional Waxing Kit for Estheticians

Nacach waxing kits have been created to give estheticians all the waxing supplies they need in one wax bundle that helps them save money and time. They include our best waxes imported from Italy wax warmers, and wax accessories, all of which have been specially designed to provide the best possible results. All our kits are made for professionals and aspiring professionals like students in beauty school. All of our warmer kits are perfect for busy estheticians with an established base of clients, or those looking to expand their professional business. 

Experience the Best Possible Results with Nacach’s Hair Removal Waxing Kits

Each item in our kits has been made with estheticians and their clients in mind. With decades of experience in the industry, we know what is good and what isn’t. We have used all our experience and knowledge to create the best kits for all kinds of waxing business and professional estheticians. Thanks to our naturally-formulated waxes and supplies made with premium-quality raw materials, we help you provide the best possible results for an experience that will keep your clients coming back for all their waxing needs. Whether you are a new professional or an experienced esthetician, we have the waxing kits and bundles for you. If you have any questions about our waxing kits or the items in each of our kits, please give us a call. We are always here to help you.

Facial Waxing Kit for Glowing Skin

When it comes to facial waxing, you want to make sure you have the best waxing products. Great facial waxing results can help build long-lasting relationships with customers who will make you their go-to esthetician for their facial waxing needs. Taking this into consideration, we created our hard wax kit to make it easier to remove even the most stubborn, finest hairs on the upper lip, eyebrow, and other areas of the face. This makes our hard wax kit one of the best facial waxing kits you can find on the market today.

Body Waxing Kit for Smooth Legs

In addition to offering a great facial and eyebrow waxing kit, we also have great bundles for general body waxing. Our soft wax kit is perfect for larger areas of the body, including legs, arms, and back. Our body waxing kits come with everything you need for a smooth waxing session. Each bundle includes a selection of waxes, a professional-grade warmer, waxing supplies, and our best-selling lotions for the best post wax care you can offer.

Save your Time with Nacach: All The Hair Removal Products You Need in One Easy-to-Use Bundle

We have a professional waxing kit for all levels of skill and all types of service. For example, our student waxing kit was designed for beauty school students, beginners in the industry, or those with a small client base. Meanwhile, our larger bundles were created for more experienced estheticians. We have decades of experience in the waxing industry and we have used every ounce of knowledge to create these bundles for your business. That is why each waxing kit comes with more than just wax. In addition to our best-in-the-industry soft waxes and hard waxes, our kits come with a selection of lotions and supplies specifically chosen to enhance each waxing session, leaving skin smoother, softer and more hydrated than before.